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    Craft all BoP of each spec possible ?

    Yes and No. No it should not disapear. Yes you wont be able to use it anyway as it will have "Requires Goblin Engineering (skilllevel)" in it so... If you were trying to be smart and "trick" the system. You failed?
  2. Wondering if anyone can help me, i did a boo boo. I have 3 monitors. I have wow windowed + maximised in the middle monitor. When i went to tab out and click something on the right, i diddnt alt+tab and ended up clicking and moving across the screen. this dragged the quest tracker window out of sight to the right. I deleted questie, and re-installed with the latest version. I tried nuking questie. I cant get my tracker back :( Help! Thanks for helping this idiot. I appreciate it.
  3. Toralii


    Someones superstitious. Do you believe there's an invisible man in the sky too? :)
  4. why does everyone think banning VPN's is going to solve this problem? It's not. Look at Australia. Look at Australian Netflix, which is like US netflix but all the content has been split up and divided among 4 different streaming services each with a price tag of $10-30 per month. Netflix ban's proxy's and VPN's and if it detects you using one blocks you out entirely until you turn it off - to stop us from accessing all the content we wish via US Netflix. We circumvent it. Easily. Every. Single. Time. It's stupidly fucking easy to circumvent. Yet you all constantly cry "BAN THE VPN'S!!!" like it will actually stop them. you naive fools. It wont do shit.
  5. Toralii

    Where is Nano?

    Are you the real read shirt dude? Ian?
  6. Someone compiled it into an easy search excel sheet btw: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TX-lsHrjo1relpfQkrpAXPO07xfPnb6f84aG_1iqJbE/edit#gid=595616582
  7. Toralii

    My account has been closed?!?!?!

    It's more than likely a "Awww that poor sod is getting mad he broke the rules and unlike other servers that dont care or official servers that let it slide as it's more profitable to turn a blind eye and allow it to continue. Wow he's going to have to live with consequences for his actions, and has a chance to try again on a fresh account and learn from the mistake. Poor guy, having to deal with consequences and фекал now. Hope he can handle it." kind of sympathy.
  8. Create a GM "Bot" account (or several, one each zone, one each faction) and parses chat. If it gets X pm's or see's X person spam them / general / trade / world chat Y times, it mutes for 48hrs (or reasonable time frame to be reviewed by a human) and flags the account. Once confirmed a gold seller the account and IP should be permabanned. It's exactly the same as hacks but far less complicated when it comes to handling. It takes the same amount of time tho. They are already aware of Spam Throttle and modifying their spam ( splitting it up in to multiple pm's ) and i've seen spam being done via emotes in major cities near the AH / Banks. This problem will NEVER go away - the only thing that constantly changes is how it's dealt with and how they change to continue the spam.
  9. Toralii

    What Server was Hacked?

    I heard it was something to do with that Bird made of flames that is constantly reborn when it dies.
  10. Hi there! I live in Australia, and the servers are located in France. This means i have a ping of 310-350+ (Which means people not on the NBN will get 350+) We've had to deal with this kind of lag (normally sit's around 230 for US East coast tho) since the dawn of the internet, and tho it's something we adapt too, if we can improve on it slightly it is generally worth it. I have tried the following and got these results: Pingzapper - Does not engage the tunnel. WTFast - Engages, but ping ends up higher, instead of lower, despite it trying to say my ping was 380 prior when testing shows 312 without and 320 with. Battleping - Does not engage the tunnel. Before i go searching for others - i thought i'd make this post and hopefully get some feedback / recommendations from other people that are using one for the same reason as myself. So.. What works for you? How much does it reduce your ping? How stable is it? (does it go down often, do the servers crash or reset? etc) Thank you for your help and advice :D
  11. The elemental that Lotwil Veriatus spawns does not drop any loot at all. He is suposed to drop "Lotwil's Shackles of Elemental Binding" which allow you to complete the quest. Has been tested by abandoning then picking up the quest again several times in case it was not 100% drop rate - it appears he just does not drop them at all. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbAf52P-AuI Unable to post on Bug Tracker: This site can’t be reachedreport.valkyrie-wow.org refused to connect. Go to http://valkyrie-wow.org/ Search Google for report valkyrie wow org ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
  12. You have no idea how many are planning on rerolling on the PvP realm when it comes out because they've been left behind in progression and want an even playing field.