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    Oldschool WoW Rage Memory Lane

    Another good one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEpv7YxnLCQ Not rage on vent more forums post incident
  2. SeldenCrisis

    Any addons out there similar to NeedtoKnow?

    Cheers for the replies guys will give these a go
  3. The earliest version of Needtoknow i can find is for Wow 2.0 and above. I have tried Elkano buff bars but am really looking for something that tracks my debuffs on enemies visually by a bar rather than symbols and numbers.
  4. SeldenCrisis

    Can't log on

    I too had this issue. For me my default server on the log on screen was the test realm so I went into the WTF config file and changed the server name from the 1.5 test realm to the Nostalrius PvP and it worked. Although I am now 1500 in the queue lol.