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  1. Hi all, i hope you can help me yestarday, when i start the game she just minimized sself in task bar and that is, no more. i try again and again, but same. also try with right mouse button- properties-compatibility- ... but nothing, also again reunrar new client, but same. sr for my english Thanks for all ideas
  2. poprs

    Cant skin

    fak me, and so sorry, i sold my knife Lock
  3. poprs

    Cant skin

    I think no response, becouse when i click, nothing hapens
  4. poprs

    Cant skin

    Hello guys, today i go In barens to farm light leathers speciality from Savanah prowler, but i cant skin them. I have 111 skin skill atm. Try also raptors, zhevras and planstriders, just can skinn, i kill, i loot but cant skin. Try with restart, same cant. Any ideas ? Thanks and sorry For my english.
  5. Thanks, i understand Lock.
  6. ty, but we are not on 1,12 ?
  7. Hello. first i want ti stay maybe i wrong, and sr for my bad english i look in aowow, and there show me this npc Brave Moonhorn start the quest : Message to Freewind Post, no requires previously quest. But when i goto the npc he didnt show me
  8. agree, donate for premium account