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  1. Hello. I came here from wotlk private server. I am new with vanilla, but I am sure that's better adventure and I want to play here. But I need small help, I mean... First, how to use addons? I need to download addon then copy him to AddOns folder on my World of Warcraft folder game? If yes, then what, I log in to game and it works? Or I must do something too? Second, I need addon which can help me in doing quests, I mean I dont see quests that I can accept on map, is there addon that shows all quests? If yes, pls help, tell me the name. And last two things. On the right up corner I have spells, I mean when I use first spell on paladin that deal 1-4 damage to enemy's per hit it shows me this spell on right corner (up). but without cooldown, I mean how many seconds I need to wait to remain. is there addon or interface option? pls help. And last thing. I see my hp and mana, but I dont see hp and mana on other players or monsters, I only see full green bar or red bar. Can I change it? Pls help and very thanks for help. These things are very needed for me if I want to start playing here, and I really want. Sorry for bad English, and sorry if this post is in wrong section, I am new MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!