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  1. There was a horde warrior and boomkin camping Lakeshire for like 30 mins yesterday until help came. We asked for help in world channel and got a few whispers but for some reason it took aaages for help to come. Was kinda funny watching him constantly slaughter all the npcs and players, but got a bit annoying after about 10 mins lol. At least we have the world channel to ask for help, as we know this didn't exists in vanilla :)
  2. Scrooloose

    Is there a list of gankers?

    It depends how you look at it. You could look at a single low level player as being part of a "faction" that you have grew to hate and therefore have hatred for that faction and everything/everyone in it, therefore everyone belonging to that faction needs to die. However, you could have pity for lower level players because they are inexperience and less powerful. I was going to make a comparison to Real life war, but that would be stupid as there are no "levels", only experience and gear/weapons and death is permanent. However, i know what a pain being ganked was for hours on end, almost to the point where it made me quit. Do I care if my ganking makes a lowbie horde quit?? Maybe ...i dunno....
  3. Scrooloose

    Is there a list of gankers?

    Horde none stop ganked me for weeks and weeks in Redridge and Duskwood. So much, in fact, that i quit playing for 2 months. Why shouldn't I get my revenge?
  4. Scrooloose

    Why accounts getting hacked?

    I use Gmail. Still nothing yet. I registered with my Gmail account ok and got my login details. I had a massive problem recovering my Nost account however so had to start from scratch
  5. Scrooloose

    Why accounts getting hacked?

    Ty just done this :).... waiting for email though, been 15 mins so far :/
  6. Scrooloose

    Why accounts getting hacked?

    How do you actually change your password? I logged into "Control panel" on the main page and under "Account maintenence" i only see options forcopying characters over from Nost. i would change my password on my forum account see if that helps but all the options are in russian so cant atm :/ UPDATE : I managed to change my password on the forums but this does not change your password for your game account. Can anyone link to where i login to change my game account password? :)
  7. Scrooloose

    Unable to move mouse.

    Np Glad you got it sorted
  8. Scrooloose

    Unable to move mouse.

    Try going to your World of Warcraft folder, then open the WTF directory and open the file config.wtf with notepad. Then find the gxCursor line and edit it to read as follows: SET gxCursor "0" Then save and try again. If this fails, do you use an MMO mouse? razer naga or something like that? Try reinstalling the drivers for your mouse.
  9. Scrooloose

    Banned for No Reason.

    How where you able to get hacked in the first place? maybe use a stronger password next time and regularly scan you pc for keyloggers? I had an account for the same time period and was not hacked. Easily avoidable.