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  1. Can you confirm that the debuff slots will increase from 8 to 16 with this patch? I don't see it in the content patch notes above.
  2. <North American Allstars> (NAA) is a guild with the hopes of adding a few more core raid players. We don't consider ourselves a hardcore progression guild however we do expect all core raiding members to be respectful, on time and ready (basic consumables, repaired, etc.). We have a strong emphasis on community and we are really striving to make NAA a place that people enjoy being! Right now, we have MC on farm and just starting our BWL progression. Current raid times are Sundays and Thursdays starting at 10PM EST (4AM Server time). Amount of content and current progression will vary the amount of time required but will not exceed 3 hours. Current Progression: 0/8 BWL 10/10 MC 1/1 Onyxia Current recruitment of classes for the core raid group: Low = Having pre-raid BIS required for consideration Druid - Low Hunter - Closed Mage - Open Rogue - Open Priest - Closed Shaman - Low Warlock - Open Warrior - Fury is open, Tank is closed Please send a tell to Seeth, Shokcer or Riijuvenates in game for more information and to talk about joining NAA!!!
  3. Post updated as we are still recruiting for our core raid group.
  4. seeth07

    Eye of Divinity

    [HORDE] Looking to sell our next Eye of Divinity drop during next weeks raid reset (March 22nd). You will not be attending our raid but will be asked to stand just outside the raid portal for entry during the Domo Encounter. Starting price that we are asking is 200G. Whisper myself in game via Seeth or respond here on the forums.
  5. seeth07

    Enchanted Thorium Plate

    Just tossing up a post to get an answer to make sure that these items are indeed available to 300 blacksmiths with patch 1.4. I've been spamming looking for any blacksmith that has completed the book hand in to get the recipe for any of the three enchanted thorium pieces and I have been unable to locate anyone on horde side. Starting to wonder if this is maybe not available on Nighthaven yet even though it should be? I made the mistake of gathering all of the materials first and now that I'm trying to find a blacksmith to create them, I just can't locate one. Got 800g of mats just sitting there :(
  6. This Saturday, starting at 7pm EST, invites will start going out for a pug Molten Core run hosted by the guild <North American Allstars>. For an invite to the run, go to Inn in Orgrimmar and look for the big fat Tauren Warrior named "Seeth". An inspection of gear will take place before the invite. Expected gear is pre-raid bis (or second best). Missing a piece or two will be acceptable. You will be expected to be in the raid from roughly 8pm EST until 11pm EST. An entire arsenal of consumables is not expected, however, the basic (and relatively cheap) ones are (i.e. a stack of healing potions, elixir of the mongoose, elixir of shadow power, etc.). Being able to connect to our guild discord is also required. Link will be given in raid chat. It looks like we are going to be short on Holy Priests, Resto Druids, Warlocks, Hunters and Mages. However, if you are of another spec and still interested in joining, don't be afraid to ask for an invite as we might still be short. Loot rules: 1) MS (the spec you joined the raid as) > OS. For each item you receive, you will have -50 added to any future roll. This will help prevent a player from getting lucky and winning every roll while also still giving them at least a shot at looting a second item (thus incentive for them to stay and help). 2) All BOE green and blue armor/weapons will be randomly given to players that stick it out until the end of the run. 3) BOE set epics will be rolled on per #1 above. 4) All crafting materials are reserved for our guild (sorry this the price for us putting the effort to get this together). Same goes for any recipe that drops or bindings. *Run was a success. We downed Luci and Geh resulting in a total of 6 epics distributed to 6 participants.
  7. seeth07

    i want my 180g epic mount

    Grifftannen, Your just going to have to live with the fact that this server is just about as corrupt as it was before. Playing here is by no means fair for everyone. However, it is one of the best options you have if you want to play on a vanilla server right now. It is free and unless we start to have to pay for it, I guess the development team doesn't even owe us an explanation and they can make it as corrupt as they feel like.
  8. Survival Hunter has got to be one of the least enjoyable. Sure, those that do spec it have their fun but there is a reason why so many people don't ever even try it. When your a hunter, you want to be one with your beasts and standing back shooting your bow. Most fun? Well its hard to argue against a frost mage being extremely fun to play in PVP. The challenge of trying to stay alive while kiting is rewarding.
  9. seeth07

    Character Restoration?

    Link does make a valid point because I too have always been confused. The character restore link is extremely confusing and to this day, I'm still confused myself. I had 2 60s on anathema that back in early December I tried to restore to Stratholme (when the server was still up and running) and I got the exact same message that link described. I created a post looking for help and eventually just gave up and rerolled on Nighthaven. At this point, I would love to restore these characters so that way when the TBC realm is released, I can get both of them on that server along with my Nighthaven guy. That would mean 3 60's that I can easily level to 70.
  10. seeth07

    Reducing Respec Costs

    Woot, keep up the voting proving that froggy is wrong and that the people don't actually want it to change :P
  11. seeth07

    World PvP

    There is certainly a loss of people playing right now. You see it when you /who during your play times and notice a drastic decrease in the amount of players as well as how much harder it has got to find a group for the end game dungeons. Hopefully the release of BG's will help get the population back up in 2 weeks.
  12. I have tanked a dungeon before as a hunter with my pet at the MT. I actually worked out fairly nicely because having 4 dps rather than 3 was a huge boost in mob kill speed.
  13. So I can't figure this quest out. I was at the servants of grom and standing right near the crystal, I attack the servant until it became immune. I click the crystal to attack it and I can't because the servant is attacking me. Therefore, I just ran away, used hamstring on the mob, ran to the crystal and attacked it. Servant was captured. This can't be the way this quest is to be done is it?
  14. Rain, your the best for providing a reply :P It is really encouraging when we see a post from you guys right on the forums. Means so much that you guys are that involved with the community. Now.............how about giving us an official response to one of the many forum posts regarding the epic mount change and how it drastically impacted the server?
  15. Anyone have any information on when these occur? Is there a pattern? I've been trying to nail one done but just can't seem to ever be in a zone when one occurs.
  16. seeth07

    Dual Spec A Reality

    I love it when people pull stats out of their ass "95 percent of people" lol I'm not gonna claim I know anything about who retalents and how often because I (just like everyone else) don't know the real answer. So all I say is that there is some amount of gold that gets spent on it because I Will be doing it weekly at level 60. I raid spec Tuesday and wed, PvP spec for the weekend. Am I a minority? Very likely. However, the economy is affected by it along with player experience because I'm farming spots because I need that gold. You introduce this type of paid service and I'm now at a disadvantage if I don't pay for it because while I have to continue to grind and pay for my retalents, your able to just use your time farming honor instead.
  17. seeth07

    Dual Spec A Reality

    Talent resetting costs gold correct? An amount that progressively gets more expensive right? Therefore, its a gold sink for the game. Lets see, gold sinks affect the ah prices, affects mobs that are farmed for gold, etc. Do I need to keep going how this change would drastically have an impact on the game?
  18. seeth07

    Leveling after 1.4

    Actually, look me up. I'm a level 53 right now playing horde side. Last night, I died probably 10 times to alliance 60s and got 4 kills myself on guys my level. So no, I'm not one of those 60s enjoying the lowbie slaughterfest (although when I see a flagged lvl 20 alliance ofc I kill him :P)
  19. seeth07

    Leveling after 1.4

    Stop the QQ. This is glorious and I'm loving all of the world pvp. Raids on major cities every night, camping flight masters, killing quest givers, etc. This is what this game should have been all about.
  20. seeth07

    Low level population?

    adantz, you will never wait longer than an hour to find a group. And that is worst case scenerio. For me, most times it is only a 10-15 minute period to put a group together.
  21. seeth07

    Dual Spec A Reality

    Stop the suggestions for fee services. It didn't exist then (vanilla days) and shouldn't exist now. The whole "pay to win" or really any paid services is one of the things that ruined the game for me. Please don't every allow any of this nonsense.
  22. seeth07

    Nighthaven AH Question

    Mining and herbing isn't going to make you a lot of money until you hit the end zone nodes. The ah is extremely flooded still with so many players doing the exact same thing as you while leveling. There is a good group of players still leveling so prices continue to be extremely low. In about 2-3 months from now, prices of those low level items will rise due to less overall supply but your gonna probably 60 by then anyways so....
  23. i don't really understand why the design team does it this way. I mean I get that they and most of us want a "as close to classic" experience as possible but does introducing quests that are intended for smoother leveling really that important to release on a patch by patch basis? Just open them when the server launches...
  24. seeth07

    Devilsaur Pattern unlearnable.

    That is not correct. The devilsaur set is indeed meant to be learned by tribal leatherworkers.
  25. seeth07

    Paid Name Change

    please dont allow this. or any paid features...please pretty fucking please