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    I am not going to reroll here if you kill Anathema just to be clear. Many servers are inc next months think twice before making rush decisions. Anathema = Nostalrius that's why we play here and didn't reroll on the fresh realm. I dont even have r13/14 gear and dont even aim on getting it since i dont have the time for it but decisions like this kill realms. People worked hard for it and they should enjoy it.
  2. Beepy

    Win trading

    If they did and its beyond any doubt that they wintraded by all means ban them. I would go for temporary ban though least for first time offenders. Perma seems a bit to heavy for me if someone never troubled the GMs before. Both factions should receive same bans in any case just a few days ago we had an incident with allies that received temp bans same rules should apply since the cases are similar,
  3. Beepy

    Win trading

    Agree with above poster. Alliance incident was way worse then this and confirmed unlike now where people (or some of them) probably got wrongly banned. Least get in touch with the premade leaders (or people that speak English) and investigate deeper before proceeding to temporary bans (just like on alliance incident). Perma bans should be reserved for extremely heavy cases of people violating the ToS multiple times. Not even retail Blizz banned permanently straight away and the environment there was way more competitive. There is no need to hurt players so heavily.
  4. Beepy

    Win trading

    Not much of a pvp'er here but i am trying to get some shadow gear on my priest so joined a lot of premades last weeks, I am not banned just to clarify. Can confirm what the rest said i haven't seen a single game being handed out without a fight from both factions. If one side dominates the BG the other does tend to ease on the pressure in order to make things go faster since the point of premading is to maximize honor per hour. in AB for example premade vs premade if one side gets recked on BS fight and chooses to keep fightning vs a team they know they cant win they will drag out a 3-2 base game for 20+ mins. Thats suicide when they try to rank since they can get that honor/hour with pugs. On WSG if they get recked in middle there is no point to turtle just costs them honor. Also many of the guys in the screenshot if not all also solo queue a lot or on small groups and suffer the "joys" of pugs (afk'ers, weak players etc) also which imo isnt something a wintrader would do. Those guys actually play on BGs and i would suggest you review their BG logs. Its way worse if you check the attitude of players in pugs vs premades compared to that screenshot with 7-8 people not even leaving their bases. Its only human to want things to be over fast if you don't stand a chance. I would suggest to review those bans (check their logs etc i am pretty sure you wont be able to reproduce the above screenshot for example log wise usually both teams put up a good fight) many of the people on that screenshot are legit and good players.
  5. Alliance used to double queue tons on other realms but cant say i have noticed anything similar here personally. If this is indeed an issue and more people start noticing it its really easy for GMs to check the isp's of the queued people on both factions and if they notice double queues to ban them so don't worry about it.
  6. Just my 2 cents. I am having a blast here since the reboot of Nostalrius i guess the rest is enjoying the other realms also. I couldn't care less for conspiracy theories and youtube nobodies that managed to find "success" by selling thin air. Quality and stability issues is what kills realms not a randoms opinion. Focus and put all your resources into making the realms rock solid and avoid mishaps like the stability issues that are plaguing us since yesterday because having such a serious issue on an AB weekend with people ranking or simply wanting to enjoy their time off work is what damages the server and can potentially drive people away. I have faith in Elysium team you guys gave us a good home after months of trying servers and constant restarts. Stick to your values of making a quality server for us and do not waste time and energy on drama queens and attention seekers. Alex and every other youtuber want views and subscribers. He would sell his own mother for it and we should treat them with caution and skepticism.
  7. The backpack isn't a gear upgrade. Its exactly the same case though. I am surprised you dont see it. You need it because its 9g regardless if someone else really needs and its commonly accepted that its ok to need it. Why? Because the backpack is available in AH 24/7 and everyone can go buy it from there. Why is it different with those shoulders? They are right there in AH if you want you can go buy them right away. IF they where running Strat and tome of conjure food dropped which is valued at 200-250 on Anathema (not sure about ely prices) would the tank and the rest pass on it in favor of the mage who might actually need it? Are you sure about it? Are you 100% sure about it? Or it would be ok to roll for it since its valued at such a high price? Pugs are pugs as i said. You aren't sure about anyone you act and roll according to that, Also the population isn't the same as it used to be. People have grown a thicker skin after years of retail and things like LFG LFR etc... Cant undo that even if we play on private servers it will never be the same as back on launch. Not to mention you play on a realm with 4 or 5 X the population of a high populated Vanilla retail realm which a priori makes the bonding and sense of community lower compared to Vanilla days. As i stated twice already btw i would probably not even greed for the shoulders i would pass on them if i saw someone needing because i am an old school player that knows how to farm gold quick and easy. But what they doing to this guy now for 13 pages is ridiculous and unfair.
  8. You are wrong though. Most decent players and well established guilds on every server private or back in the retail days are gonna tell you that IF nothing was agreed in advance BoEs are ffa in a pug environment. Let me give you an example also. Have you ever passed on a travelers backpack? If you haven't everything you say is hypocritical. I never seen someone pass personally and why should they. The thing is in AH for 8-9 g everyone can go pick it up at will. Mob rule doesn't apply also on this thread btw. There are more then 300 replies and many of them vary. Which on its own proves how grey the specific issue is. Arguments have been made from both sides and well written and constructed ones. Its purely a difference in PoV. I dont even know the guy in question hell i wouldn't even do what he did. But i dont consider him a ninja and i wouldn't try to shut him down from pugs or guilds. He acted in a way that's reasonable for his own mindset and many share his opinion. Clear rules on pugs are mandatory and you should start using them.
  9. Weird thread, Both sides have a point. Fact is pugs are pugs. You play with people you dont know and in such a high populated servers you might never run into each other again. No one is obliged to do you any favors and you shouldn't expect it also. The item in question is boe. Everyone can go buy it from the AH right now if they really need and want to. Or can farm the gold for it. What Beerwizard did isn't rare or uncommon in a pug environment. The Stockade pauldrons after selling are for him his Bloodvine set for example. Personally i wouldn't do what Beerwizard did as i do find it a bit douchy but that's just me and the way i approach the game. I wouldn't flame him as a ninja also though since he has every right to roll and win the item. Gold has the same value for everyone and BoEs are just that. I understand the tanks pov also it isn't easy for him to farm gold at the same pace as a mage but on the other hand as i said on pug environments you shouldn't expect anything. In your eyes it was tanking shoulders in his eyes it was 400g and 3-4 gear upgrades. To much drama for something that happens pretty often. Make the loot rules clearer on your next runs to avoid such mishaps and move along imo.
  10. There was in fact a bug on first weeks after release which caused random bans to pop after especially after dc's or server crashes. Experienced it myself after dcing in an AB game. I got it sorted quickly though with the help of GMs and after opening a ticket. If you have done nothing wrong just post on the ban appeal section and wait to get a reply dont think there is a reason to be scared of if its a bug thats causing the issue it will get sorted.
  11. Beepy

    Suzerain's Resignation

    Good luck Suzerain and dont feel bad you have been part of a team that has done something great for us here and you should be proud of yourself :) The unsatisfied minority is unfortunately the most vocal one always and on every single game. For every bad thing you hear you should think of the hundreds and thousands that are satisfied and genuinely thankful and happy with what you guys have accomplished here. Was nice having you around and thanks for everything <3
  12. the ingame command to change password is .account password oldpassword newpassword newpassword Works fine just to be safe w/ yourself when you try it or go alone inside an instance and type it on /say
  13. New server is fine old server is fine. Many of the people that played on Nost where geared to the teeth with consumables stacked to last them the entire AQ and had finished ranking in pvp. Naturally those people instead of raid log choose to lvl a character on one of the new realms those weeks. My prediction: When War Effort begins Nost will be so full that us who still play on it gonna be crying a bit inside. No good players or guild is gonna be stack doing MC for the next 1 year especially after the constant rerolls people where forced to do after Nost shutdown. In any case all realms are healthy Zethkur included and that's a very good thing.
  14. You are heroes Elysium team. Keep it up we are behind you 100%!