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  1. I feel like they really should of waited on the war effort until AQ was 100% ready, using it as an excuse to halt progression is just making the community upset. They really should of just waited an extra month until releasing the war effort, would of been a better position to be in than they are in now. Or at least release an update on the situation, we are sitting in the dark right now except for a few forum posts, which have mixed answers. we were told the war effort numbers were getting fixed last weekend but that never happened. All we want is an official update with what's going on so we can stop asking.
  2. kas

    Annoying Gold Sellers

    SpamThrottle Addon.
  3. kas

    SS + Auto attack Macro

    I've tried a few but can't seem to get any to work properly. Looking for a macro that cast SS if I have the energy to do so, or else cast auto attack if not enough energy is available. Just so I don't need to right click to attack when switching my attack target with lack of energy to cast SS yet.
  4. kas

    The War Effort Continues!

    I understand if the devs wanted to sidetrack people by the war effort to have more time with development on AQ but this is not the way they should of gone about doing it. The development team has been very transparent on the issues they encounter. By making the numbers this ridiculous and then leaving people in the dark is not helping the server at all. Even when hardcore players see those numbers they are quitting, which in turn makes it take longer and longer. A lot of players will come back when the numbers are adjusted to be reasonable. I'm sure the dev team didn't want the war effort to be completed in a day, then have a buggy broken AQ to release but making it near impossible to complete for people is not helping them stall, just making the community very mad. We need an update with a legit update as to why the turn in numbers haven't been updated yet.
  5. kas

    The War Effort Continues!

    The server numbers are hurting right now because of the crazy numbers. People aren't going to waste a year farming the mats needed... When they could be making gold. Sure you can say people are stockpiling resources but I guarantee most of those people have them to sell, not to put towards the AQ effort. I understand the server population is higher than Official servers at the time of the war effort but right now numbers are hurting. Should adjust the numbers to be reasonable, firebloom for example is never going to be completed, it's worth too much money for people to want to donate.
  6. Still looks to be broken for rep turn in npcs. Can any devs chime in on this?
  7. I have the required turn in item but am unable to turn it in for the Commendation Signet for reputation, nothing happens when pressing the continue button for the quest. This is happening on the Horde side.
  8. From my understanding some devilsaurs would spawn in a few specific locations and others would spawn randomly. I'll have to see if there's any official blizz server videos around for farming guides on devilsaurs.
  9. Now I know there has been a lot of topics relating to this and I wanted to add my own input on the situation. Currently Alliance and Horde are working together towards camping the initial spawns of these devilsaurs, controlling the AH market, and killing / camping anyone trying to get in the way. During vanilla when I used to constantly farm devilsaurs they would never spawn in the same location. A simple fix would be to spawn the devilsaurs randomly along the assigned paths that they take and at random times. This would somewhat fix the issue with people camping these locations 24/7 and being able to control the market. If this server is going for blizz-like then the spawns should be random.
  10. Well as a Rogue, can't speak for other classes
  11. So around half of the time a sound effect will not play. This includes using player abilities, mounts, selecting UI elements, ect. Not sure if this is my client or the server? On Nost I never had this issue and I haven't changed my client since then. Anyone else running into this issue?
  12. I'm level 27 right now and am unable to acquire the rogue poison quest from the cleft of shadows. It's really annoying and believe it's a bug. I might of acquired the quest at level 20, then abandoned it later since I never got around to it. I put in a bug tracker issue but wanted to check and see if anyone else has run into this issue? I know I've talked to a few rogues in game who were unable to get the quest either.