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    This is why you are BAD. Cool story though. Tell me more.
  2. Probably got you with an ip sniffer. Defiantly gonna be facing an attack. Dont let these guys fool you call you ISP asap they will know what to do tell them the whole story.
  3. So one guys build makes this servers Ragnaros properly tuned? No. I stand by my point and you can get back on the short bus.
  4. Again you guys are special breed. I see so much flaming of retail wow and the "entitled" retail players on here plus from so many private server vanilla players. Thinking you are here playing a challenging game. But if you think hitting 60 and being able to clear all vanilla content is a few weeks time is a challenge GG to you. This is one big reason blizz will never bring the legacy servers no one here could handle what true retail vanilla was and the legacy forums would just revert back to the endless bitching and demanding of changes which was what evolved wow into the game it is today. Why are they gonna waste man hours doing something they did years ago. Hate to break it to you guys these servers only have all of the time sinks that were in vanilla and almost none of the challenge.
  5. You guys are really slow. Short bus slow all the guys is asking is if the Quintessences are on par with the early release of MC on retail. Which most importantly requires you to kill and get the hands of rags lieutenants before you can even get the Quintessences. So if on par after the lieutenants are killed you would have to be porting back and forth which due to the raid timing is not possible and did not happen. So personally I am assuming the Quintessences dont have the same requirements as true vanilla. As for gear it is under tuned plain and simple. If this bursts your I am playing on a true vanilla experience bubble to bad so sad.
  6. You have no clue what we are talking about do you?
  7. Buddy he is just asking about how they acquired the Aqual Quintessence which originally took along time of rep farming and quests in MC to get which were required to get Rag to even spawn. Anyone who played retail in the early days will clearly know what the OP is asking about.
  8. No I know exactly how people where back then seeing as I played Retail since day 1 and was in one of the top guilds out there. These guys were not morons like you described and it was still a gear check. So you either never really played vanilla or were in some shitknick guild who had no clue what they were doing. In either case all raids in wow were a gear check. MC on this server is not MC on retail completely under-tuned. So you can not like what I have to say and go kick some rocks. But what I am saying is 100% truth.
  9. KimmyG

    Hordes are a bunch of pussies

    Same can be said for alliance only ones to every attack me are in packs of 3 or are red to me. If it is one person my level they only attack if I am fighting a mob and low HP. Both sides are dicks I guess. Who cares level to 60 gear up team and PvP on a level playing field. Pussy gankers dont last there.
  10. It is simple mate. MC on Vanilla free shards is not even close to par with what retail Vanilla was. Early raids were not hard but still a gear check. People may have more raid and class knowledge now but that does not give you the HP,Resist,Damage output etc. that was required to run the raid. Anyone who says different never played retail vanilla and is probably just used to under tuned free shard raids. As for the Aqual Quintessence depends what the requirements are on this server. If it was like the original release of MC and then I agree with you it should not be possible on one run. But if the requirements on here are different then it is possible.
  11. #1 Queue was true better with new server dropping tommorow. #2 Nope Nost leveling was shit camped by level 60s all day even with the over populous news server better leveling experience. #3 A true fresh start is always more fune. #4 Fuck lotus. Sorry all you nost prophets are false saying the new server is shit and telling everyone to fuck off your server now you want that population back. Nost players on the old server are a pack of hasbeens. GG Nostralius.
  12. There are 2 Naxxs mate Vanilla and Wotlk
  13. No I think he is talking about redridge and westfall. Where packs of 60s kill lowbies all day long. Sorry 1 shoting a level 15 is not PVP contrary to popular belief. I dont even have an issue with 60s raiding alliance zone. There is just a few though that make it a full time job and spend hours on end blocking completion. I think the defias traitor was actually camped by 60s 24/7.
  14. Agreed, there is only 1 problem with the fresh server, the problem is it is not released YET. Dont know why people are worried about server pops anyway right now there are probably more people waiting in que than any vanilla retail server ever had online.
  15. KimmyG

    I'm 60? Now what?

    Level to 60 on the fresh server.