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  1. It's probably a little late for me to be bumping this thread, but I would wear one to Blizzcon this year. :D Let me know if anyone has a link to one whether it be official or 3rd party site.
  2. Tredoran

    Fucking Fantasic SweetFX profile

    Wow that SweetFX profile makes the picture look much better. Images look more crisp and have more vibrant colors. Sharper image overall when i look at the comparisons. Might try this out
  3. Hi. I love this addon and good work. Question - Is there a way to white list certain junk items to make them not be sold to vendor?
  4. Passwords for wow on retail were never case sensitive for me. Working as intended. =]
  5. Tredoran

    Complete list of Dungeon + Raiding Guides

    Thanks for putting this together
  6. This is very clean. Thanks for sharing
  7. Hey Shagu, just wanted to say this UI looks beautiful. Thank you.
  8. Tredoran

    [ADDON] Customnameplates

    Thank you for this update. Looks great!
  9. So, waiting for the fresh pvp realm to come out. I just got a few games recently with all the sales going on. Battlefield one, overwatch, doom, battlefront, etc. So how can i manage those + fresh realm + life? I'm doomed.
  10. Tredoran

    Elysium PvP Realm Official Release Date

    This announcement was a great xmas gift! Thanks for all the work everyone has put into this project.