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    Call to Arms: Improving PvP!

    then u just invite abuse and afkers. because why not? u get honor for losing and its probably faster than even trying... also general comment: prem vs prem prio queue wont solve a thing. they just go back to solo queuing to get into same game like before for faster honor. the prems arent pvping they are ranking theres a big diff.
  2. pvp prio system wont help sorry but no one is gonna wait a long time for queues at low honor u think people are playing for fun when they are all playing for honor only if prio sys implemented = people will just solo queue on the same time to enter same game... just as before
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    Honestly? I don't think the pop will remain high at all. Within 2 weeks we will have lost many of the "hypers". You can expect 300-500 to remain unless something drastic happens and people miraculously start trusting the Elysium staff again.
  4. I don't think this has had enough time to get hyped up yet. I doubt a lot of people even know this will go down outside of the ELY/LH scene.
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    Cant log in

    Beats me. I can't even make a new account if I wanted to.
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    You want kids too, Juliana. You just don't know it yet.
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    With you?