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    Looking for a DMC: Blue Dragon Macro

    sure it is possible but when you switch weapons in combat it triggers global cooldown. i can make it if you want it regardless.
  2. can you show a screenshot? do you have omnicc?
  3. asdaaf


    no that's still not the correct one. you can look at past revisions of pages in wowwiki. it is available in the drop down menu next to the yellow edit button.
  4. asdaaf


    in retail it returns the raid index. you have to open the history tab to see what it does in 1.12.1.
  5. local f = CreateFrame('frame') f:RegisterEvent('CHAT_MSG_SPELL_PERIODIC_HOSTILEPLAYER_BUFFS') local exhaust = {} function castcurse() if exhaust[UnitName('target')] then if exhaust[UnitName('target')] > time() then CastSpellByName('Amplify Curse') exhaust[UnitName('target')] = nil end CastSpellByName('Curse of Exhaustion') elseif UnitClass('target') == 'Druid' then CastSpellByName('Curse of Shadow') elseif UnitPowerType('target') ~= 0 or UnitClass('target') == 'Paladin' then CastSpellByName('Curse of Exhaustion') else CastSpellByName('Curse of Shadow') end end function curse_OnEvent() for k,v in pairs(exhaust) do if time() > v then exhaust[k] = nil end end if string.find(arg1,'%a+ gains Sprint%.') then local _,_,name = string.find(arg1,'(%a+) gains Sprint%.') exhaust[name] = time() + 15 end end f:SetScript('OnEvent',curse_OnEvent) i don't know how you can make this into a macro so i suggest you make into an addon.
  6. asdaaf

    GCD bar

    is there an addon that adds some kind of a bar for GCD. i couldn't find one myself.
  7. asdaaf

    GCD bar

    i have my bars hidden.
  8. /run local c,u=CastSpellByName,UnitClass('target') if u == 'Druid' then c('Curse of Shadow') elseif UnitPowerType('target') ~= 0 or u == 'Paladin' then c('Curse of Exhaustion') else c('Curse of Shadow') end
  9. if you have castmodifier try this /run if IsControlKeyDown() then MMC.DoUse('item1') else MMC.DoUse('item2') end
  10. if you have supermacro you can use use('itemname').
  11. 1) /run StaticPopup1Button1:Click() 2) /run local n='Crystal Vial' local q=10 for i =1,50 do if GetMerchantItemInfo(i) == n then BuyMerchantItem(i,q) end end you have to change the 'n' to equal to the name of the item you want to buy and 'q' to the amount of times you want to buy the item.
  12. you can redownload it from github. the .toc file is now correctly named thanks to fulzamoth.
  13. https://github.com/asdaaf/MB-CA-icons i have not tested if it works with counterattack, but it should.
  14. asdaaf

    API command list

    click the black arrow pointing down next to edit and choose history.
  15. if you use uiscale try to increase it.
  16. asdaaf

    Definitive Warlock Guide

  17. asdaaf

    double /use macro ?

    I have used supermacro for 4 years and never had a problem with it.
  18. asdaaf

    Removing Game Tooltips

    just add GameTooltip_UnitColor = function() GameTooltip:Hide() end to the end of some addons .lua file on a new line.
  19. i cant change it :D. when i try to change it in game it says i'm muted and the one on their website doesn't work. e:managed to change it
  20. doubt it, i have authenticator and changed password 2 days ago.
  21. i did nothing. i just logged in and i was muted. update: 694 days 3 minutes and 53 seconds left