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  1. A statement on the world boss re-tagging issue directed to the developers and players of Elysium, from the leadership of the guilds <Praise> and <Demise> on the Elysium PvP server. Before we go into what we think about the current situation and what actions that should be taken, we would like to clarify a few things: Firstly, we would want to say that when going into a world boss fight, we knew this mechanic was in place. We’ve been operating under the assumption that this is not an exploit based on information from players on Anathema, previously known as Nostalrius PvP. This is how it worked back in 2005 and this is how it is currently working on this server. We didn’t like how it worked, since we think that the mechanic can somewhat delegitimize some of our Azuregos kills, at least in the eyes of others players on the server. When we kill a boss this way, it makes the kill feel less satisfying to us. Secondly, our mindset when fighting for a world boss has always been that we are going to kill it, regardless of how much time and effort it takes us. Knowing that there’s such a mechanic, we have to account for it when we make our decisions during world bosses. When fighting Azuregos we often end up in a scenario where we feel that whichever guild gets the tag after the opposition has been wiped out is the guild that will likely kill the boss. This puts a lot of pressure on tagging the boss as soon as it resets. And this is where most of the drama surrounding the world bosses on Elysium and the amazing world PvP events leading up to a kill came from. Thirdly, we’d like to share with you the official stance, made by Game master Indormi on the Elysium forums (source: https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/46184-azuregos-bug-abuse/#comment-392495): Now, going forward we think that it is in the best interest of the server to keep the world bosses as competitive as possible. People work hard on scouting, preparations, organisations both within guilds and factions, just to be left with a feeling of defeat, more so due to a major belief that this is a ''faulty mechanic'' than the fact they got defeated by their opposing faction in a fair world PvP setting. This is why we would like to recommend Elysium and it’s developers to consider changing the way that world bosses regenerate health after getting reset, even if it’s not “blizzlike”. Regards, The leadership of the Praise and Demise world boss coalition.
  2. I actually do not think he is serious or simply has no idea what hes talking about, as in the fact that he does not understand english because he linked rules that clearly state as per blizzlike alliance is allowed to engage horde on a world boss on a PvP server... What part of this rule makes tagging bannable and blizzlike Killerduki? This rule is made so people do not suicide level1 alts into Kazzak to heal him, or green dragons to wipe raids with mushrooms / poison diseases...
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    Elysium & Zeth'Kur PVP Gear

    Tyche if its not a problem could you ring your magical phone and ask up the line why every single item has correct values in game currently as far as we can tell, apart from Bonereavers Edge? https://web.archive.org/web/20051205110110/http://wow.allakhazam.com/item.html?witem=17076 Bonereaver's Edge Binds when picked up Two-Hand Sword 206 - 310 Damage Speed 3.40 (75.9 damage per second) Requires Level 60 Chance On Hit: Reduces target's armor by 300 for 10 seconds. Passive: Improves your chance to get a critical strike by 1%.
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    [A] <Praise> [EU] Hardcore PVE/PVP

    Farming winterfall juju's in my standard spot when a 59 nightelf hunter called Cortana (that's you by the way), like the vast majority of hunters that i despise, runs up to the High King Winterfall with 3 mobs on her, right before i was gonna pull, feigns death so i get aggro on them because this server is amazing, and proceeds to instantly arcane shot the King so i cannot get the tag. The said hunter then gets completely and utterly owned by an elite quest mob and writes a whine post on our forums because i did not want to help afterwards. Grow a spine man. Sincerely, Malinha, the ''ass'' GM of <Praise>
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    [A] <Praise> [EU] Hardcore PVE/PVP

    Still recruiting exceptional players!
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    [A] <Praise> [EU] Hardcore PVE/PVP

    Always on the lookout for those exceptional players!
  7. <Praise> (EU) | Hardcore PvE / PvP | Raid Schedule: 7pm GMT+1 | Server first races | World bosses | Loot Council | Premades | BRM Domination | We are currently recruiting all classes. If you are interested, apply at https://goo.gl/forms/keDwSdOLtT4Drp543 or our discord https://discord.gg/gS6fvn6 via message to one of the leadership: Effort, Jindo, Malinha, Shoban.