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  1. Hey. a general question for the TBC Realm reopening or a new one entirely. Do you think we will get into BC again in 2-3 Years from now? The timespan is somewhat personal to me for private reasons. In that time I could get Classic done with some raiding obove clearing most bosses at least one time^^.
  2. Phyle

    Cant get past "Connected"

    Server is online
  3. Phyle

    Cant get past "Connected"

    The Server is now offline. Fix inc :D
  4. Phyle

    Cant get past "Connected"

    At which Time will the admins wake up?^^ which time Zone are they?
  5. Phyle

    Cant get past "Connected"

    Somebody do not like them.... hopefully its only thins one time
  6. Phyle

    Cant get past "Connected"

    Same issue here... is there any information how long fixing will take?
  7. Phyle

    Server is stuck on "Connected"

    Problem remains for me still... seems to be a server issue right?
  8. You get less exp in Raids.... but if you run around like this and killing mobs constandly you are probably faster than level alone and get ganked 50% of the time.
  9. Phyle

    Deutsch / German - Thread

    Jetzt gehts mit meinem WL auf Elysium weiter^^ Gibt dort gefühlt ziemlich viele deutschsprachige Leute.
  10. Phyle

    Deutsch / German - Thread

    Jap, genau den mein ich^^ Im Moment wollen die glaube ich eher eine Community Gilde sein. Aber das kann man glaube ich erst genau sagen, wenn es einige 60ger gibt und die ersten Leute Fertig für Raids sind.
  11. Phyle

    Deutsch / German - Thread

    Heyho :) mein Name ist Philipp und ich wollte hier auch mal hallo sagen. Spielt jemand von euch auf dem neuesten Server?
  12. I hope to play a long time at your servers, very good job :D.
  13. Phyle

    Priest Leveling Guide

    I was using your guide already on nost pvp before it was shut down. Very helpful and good for new players :D.
  14. Very good :D you are doing a great job <3
  15. Hello Everyone, for a fresh start on the new server I am thorn between Shaman or Priest. I want to heal In Raids, thats fine for me. But you have to farm for potions, quest solo from time to time etc. The question is how Shaman and Priest perform in soloplay and farming at lvl 60 and which one is faster. Obviously it will take more time than with DD Classes... Are there possebilitys to skill some sort of hybrid speccs to perform good as a Raid healer and be now deah-slowly in soloplay? As Priest you have Holy Nova and you can dot all mobs with Shadoword:Pain. But as a shaman you have still all your shocks, the flame totem and your Rockbiter Weapon. For example to play as a heal with a good meele weapon with rockbiter and the shocks+ totems? Does this more damage and is more mana efficient than Holy Nova+Pain+wands? I would be happy, if you can share your experience and toughts :) Greetings, Phyle