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    [H] GER <Grandmasters> PvE Progress

    Wann kommen wieder die ersten Rap-Releases? :^)
  2. Anlehnend an Vyrashs Guides für Schneiderei und Alchemie hier ein Skillguide in Deutsch für Ingenieurskunst. ------ Einkaufs/Farmliste: 90x rauer Stein 80x grober Stein 70x schwerer Stein 90x robuster Stein 50x verdichteter Stein 50x schweres Leder 10x Wollstoff 10x Magiestoff 33x Runenstoff 44x Kupferbarren 10x Silberbarren 55x Bronzebarren 15x Eisenbarren 4x Stahlbarren 126x Mithrilbarren 202x Thoriumbarren 10x Holzgriff (Ingenieursbedarf-Händler) 29x schwacher Fluxus (Ingenieursbedarf-Händler) Schmiedehammer (Schmiedekunstbedarf-Händler) Muster: grünes, rotes oder blaues Feuerwerk (Booty Bay, OG bzw. IF) Muster: Thoriumapparat (OG bzw. IF) Muster: Thoriumröhre (Everlook) 001-040: raues Sprengpulver - verkaufen 041-050: Handvoll Kupferbolzen - aufheben 051-052: Bogenlichtschraubenschlüssel - aufheben 052-065: Kupferröhre - 10 Stück aufheben 066-075: raues Schießeisen - verkaufen 076-095: grobes Sprengpulver, 20 Stück aufheben 096-105: Silberkontakt - aufheben 106-120: Bronzeröhre - verkaufen 121-125: kleine Bronzebombe - verkaufen/im Kampf nutzen 126-145: schweres Sprengpulver - aufheben 146-150: große Bronzebombe - verkaufen/im Kampf nutzen 150-175: blaues, grünes oder rotes Feuerwerk - verkaufen/benutzen 176-177: gyromatischer Mikroregler - aufheben 177-190: robustes Sprengpulver - aufheben 191-195: große Eisenbombe - verkaufen/im Kampf nutzen 196-205: Mithrilröhre - verkaufen 206-210: 10x instabiler Auslöser - verkaufen 211-225: stark einschlagende Mithrilgeschosse - verkaufen 226-235: Mithrilgehäuse - aufheben 236-245: hochexplosive Bombe - verkaufen/im Kampf nutzen 246-250: Gyro-Mithrilgeschoss - verkaufen 251-260: dichtes Sprengpulver - aufheben 261-290: Thoriumapparat - aufheben für spätere Rezepte [285-300] Thoriumpatronen, falls Rezept vorhanden ist. - verkaufen 290-300: Thoriumröhre - aufheben für spätere Rezepte Natürlich könnt ihr hier und da mal ein anderes Rezept einschieben, um ein paar Skillpunkte zu überbrücken. Habe ich natürlich auch gemacht, denn gerade beim Leveln sind zum Beispiel die Brillen ganz nett, kommen aber nicht in diesem Guide vor. Hier gehts wirklich nur darum, schnell auf 300 zu kommen. Ich hoffe der Guide ist einigen von euch eine Hilfe. Ich bin für Änderungsvorschläge oder ähnliches auf jeden Fall offen!
  3. The mid-leveling Dungeongroups have really to search for some dps too.
  4. Patiekrice

    Empty Friendlist

    Good Morning, when I logged in this morning, my friend list was empty. A simple relog did not work, so I looked through the bugtracker. I have found the following solution: https://elysium-project.org/bugtracker/issue/112 But I dont know where to find "charakter_social" table? Could someone please help me? Thanks and greetings
  5. Hey koseku, the idea is really cute. So far I play as a Tauren Prot-Warrior (Level 38 at the moment) on this server. Alliance would be more irritating to me, because I never played Alliance in vanilla. I am interested in the follow roles: Warlock, Priest, Shaman, Paladin or Hunter. I'll check this thread regularly for more updates :) Beside the Tauren Warrior I have Mage (Level 36) - Undead - Herb & Alch Priest (Level 6) - Troll - Tailor & Ench But yeah, I am open to all classes I named in this post.
  6. Patiekrice

    Warrior in need of help!

    You get the startquest at your warrior teacher (I am a Tauren and got it from my teacher in TB). The quest sends you to the island.
  7. Patiekrice

    Can't log in, again.

    Hey Dominuszanna, no it's Wednesday .. soooo maintenance-day. Just wait like 1 or 2 hours more. :^)
  8. Hello everybody, For the last 2 weeks I had no internet. *tragic* Now I would like to start again with my Warrior Tank and diligently further leveling :) So far I have played with a friend, but he has lost the desire for WoW (again). But not me! But it does not make fun to leveling alone. So I hope with this call I find someone who wants to play along with me and his or her Twink/new Main. I also have a 36 Mage, but I want to focus on my Warrior. But if we are fed up at some time with the Warrior and your charaker, I am able switch to the mage for a break :) Hard Facts: Currently my warrior is at level 26, I love to do quests and I like tanking dungeons. I've been called "salty" sometimes, but most of the time I'm very patient and nice ... when it's going well. :^) I do not really care where we are doing quests, I'm right there for you. I am already done with a few areas, but I like to help you so we are on the same level of quests. I have played WoW on the official servers since Classic, but definitely ended up there in spring 2016. I used to be a Maintank since the addon Wrath of the Lichking. I have got the professions Mining and Engineering with the Warrior. Peripheral: I am a dual student/personal trainer and gonna be 25 years old in March. My online times are therefore quite dependent on my shifts and exams. So we would have to hold a ballot regularly. My mother tongue is German, so yeah - English is not my native language, please excuses mistakes. I understand it pretty well and can communicate with you without problems .. I guess. I also love movies, series, books and puppies. I live with my 2 cats and we are listening to a lot of music. I am also able to talk to you on Teamspeak (got a server) or on Skype. If you are interested in leveling with me, you can write me here by private message, leave a post in this thread or whisper one of my characters (Morgenstern or Patiekrice) if I am online. For the Horde, Morgenstern
  9. Patiekrice

    Is it bannable?

    Sorry to hear that ,but nope. You can put him on ignore and don't play with him again. But you can't report someone for beeing a dickass.