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  1. RadiantRay

    Another AV lose fest

    Way more hours a day actually :P If only people played like this to win instead of intentionally losing, AV would be a lot more fun.
  2. RadiantRay

    Another AV lose fest

    Not true. I practically live in AV and I personally like defending bases and graveyards. I know from experience that it takes a lot more than 1 mage and a healer to hold the back door "forever." Horde actively go for the win more than alliance because it's so much easier for them to win. They also don't NEED 30+ people with geared tanks and healers on 100% mounts (sometimes healers sacrificing themselves to heal the lead tanks if horde is defending) to get to the alliance's base thanks to the back door which pretty much skips nearly all of alliance's elites.
  3. RadiantRay

    Bubble Not Working on Party Members ... ?

    Also the skill will self cast on yourself with auto self cast is turned off when it has no target or your target dies, which is annoying and waste mana/gcd
  4. Aggro less elites? The bridge defenders? The tower archers? The commander patrol? The rep npcs? The explosive expert (LOL)? The flag npcs? I'm only talking about after the bridge, not to mention the npcs down the road you have to aggro if you want to get to the bridge. Why go through all that when you can just go through the mineless field with no guards to the back of the base and jump straight to the flag without aggroing the sniper towers or the majority of the previously mentioned npcs. Also it's such a sad day when you can't cap the opposing team's best graveyard without a tank or healer haha!
  5. You talking about the horde jumping straight to our flag in the back of the alliance base? What elite mobs? You mean the flag defenders that I've seen a rogue solo? LOL! They don't even have to worry about our bunkers while alliance gotta fight the towers in the horde base.
  6. RadiantRay

    Post Your UI #3456789

    What action bar addon is that if anyone knows?
  7. RadiantRay

    Alliance plebs in AV

    I was Faiith you killed in the video. I had a lot fun in that game actually and I vividly remember spamming mana burn on you LOL. Good game =P
  8. lol wish I was that lucky with my mount money. I did pretty much everything all the guides said and I still couldn't afford my mount until lv 48. I did reach lv 60 within the first few weeks of the server however you really gotta rely on the AH for that mount money, or farm mobs with high value greys. Now it should be a lot easier now that there's stuff actually selling on the AH, on Nost I had enough money for my mount by lv 36 by farming elementals in Arathi Highlands,
  9. RadiantRay

    The Devilsaur monopoly.

    You can't disrupt the casting of a player from the same faction can you? Just make the devilsaurs unsheepable, that should at least help fix the same faction greifing problem a bit there.
  10. RadiantRay

    elysium queue

    And they just killed your own server, I'm out. Not waiting in queues again
  11. 2 people in thread so far, so I guess it's more than just nobody =P
  12. Watch people say it's not ninja because you can vendor it for gold lol.
  13. RadiantRay

    Alliance vs Horde

    No to your Dishonorable kill suggestion. I defend lowbies when I'm just passing by low level zones, I don't want to be punished or discouraged for doing so. And I'm pretty sure you don't want this either as this will just make lv 60s not want to come help you when you're getting ganked. This also will not stop people from ganking you. Some people just don't care honor.
  14. RadiantRay

    Ninjalooter: Toko

    I've used that staff for healing all the way up to 60 :P