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  1. MrStala

    Shadow resistance aura bugged?

    Ok, thanks.
  2. It seems that the Shadow Resistance Aura for paladins don't stack with other buffs such as Priests "Shadow Protection" and the Druids "Mark of Wild". At least while lvling on Not. PVE server (at around lvl 30)
  3. MrStala

    Doors in The Deadmines

    In the last couple of days I've done some runns in The Deadmines on Nost. PvE server. On several ocations (not sure if all) the last door to the boat area is turned 90°. So that the side of the door is facing us and the front is facing the wall. Meaning we could enter without rogue lockpickong or use of canon.... also, you could use the lever and the door majesticly opened to the side. ^^
  4. MrStala

    Missing Auctionhouse items.

    When logging in today to check my auctions there seems to be several items missing.... The ones that I noticed missing is 3 stacks (of 5) of "Free Action Potion", there might have been some other items but those I'm not certain of. It's a bit over 30h since I put them up for auction, so they should be in my mailbox either as items or gold if they sold - I have no ideaif they sold or not.
  5. MrStala

    Floating Wreckages issue

    Only gets Stranglekelp (like 90% of the time at least) and Rumsey Rum Dark. And I've tested it in several zones
  6. MrStala

    SageFish cooking level?

    I guess it were the lower lvled fish you were cooking? (Grilled sagefish or something) As of what I've understood they are not in the game yet (supposed to come in some later patch if I understood it correctly) The sagefish delight recipe seems to be in game tho....