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  1. kloneskull

    Characters missing

    Thanks for the info, i will do that.
  2. kloneskull

    Characters missing

    Dear Zancon, Thanks for your quick response. They seem to have been deleted,... i found them in the restore function. Does this mean i need to buy them back? Kind regards, Kloneskull
  3. kloneskull

    Characters missing

    Helly Elysium Team, All my characters are missing and i was hoping you could help me by restoring them. I am unsure as to how they disappeared but i am desperately hoping you can help me with this. Below you will find the characters i'm talking about: Highlandcoo Bigkolohe Kloneskull Zenolk Schmacksyou Bstabber Trollbanked Banklocked My thanks in advance for your effort and I'm sorry for the work this might cause you. With kind regards, Kloneskull
  4. kloneskull

    banned after christmas period

    haven't been playing during the christmas days, but when i tryed logging back in yesterday it said i was banned orsomething Nostal PVP realm, character: highlandcoow Due to the recent updates regarding other private wow databases being hacked, i think i was to late to react to this issue. Hope i posted this in the right section :) kind regards, Klone