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  1. YesthisisDog

    Do a tbc server...

    Do a barrel roll!
  2. On Retail, i ran into a similar, going to call it "problem" where i skinned a pristine hide of the beast, and the entire party demanded i give it to the player of their choice, because he "needed" it. Seriously, BoE epics are "everyone needs" same with non-bop flask recipes, epic patterns that don't soulbind. if the winner wants to give them to someone because they're going to equip? Great. but i'm not giving someone 500-1k gold out of the goodness of my heart, so they don't have to spend it on a BiS item.
  3. YesthisisDog

    Green Dragonscale Gauntlets

    http://imgur.com/a/ZxcKE On further investigation, it appears the gauntlets and set bonuses were added in 1.8, while the chest and legs were non-setpiece and are older. so the actual bug here is that the two piece mp/5 works, not that the gauntlets don't exist yet >< My bad!
  4. YesthisisDog

    Green Dragonscale Gauntlets

    The dragonscale trainer, in badlands.
  5. these are high-grind quests, grab a drink. put on some music and zone out exterminating quillboar =)
  6. These aren't trained by the trainer, anyone have any idea how to learn the recipe?
  7. Having spent time digging through the retardation, The "tanks" responsible for Alixium horde side PVE who is responsible for the idiocy i posted here is not the "real" tanks but created a copycat guild using the information from the "real" Alixium. More to follow, As i sort this insanity out, and my apologies to the real alixium / the real tanks.