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  1. Firebrand

    Thank you Elysium

    Same here! I would donate for a hair change too.
  2. Wanted to make a thread to discuss recent events of guild banning and to see if the community approved of it. It doesnt matter if the guild is chinese american or european, banning a whole guild that allows gold buying and selling in their gchat is ok. All in all the ones thst weren't rwt will get unbanned. It also shows gm's are working on the cases and are investigating guilds not only individuals. A gm in another thread said that it is not about us versus them but it actually is like that. The server and honest plauers versus them, the gold sellers.
  3. Firebrand

    Ban Appeals Section

    I enjoyed it too... really miss it. I also miss the "no to race discrimination" thread that easterner gold sellers used everywhere to appeal.
  4. Play on elysium pvp. Do not play on anathema as its the oldest server (old nost) elysium has the freshest player and patches so its the best experience. Anathema players will disagree and shill for their server because the pop went down a bit.
  5. Firebrand


    The vocal minority sure is campaigning against this change.. The moment this is up on ely im back to pvping
  6. >Hurr durr its alliance that are stupid and cannot win AVs. Meanwhile on world bosses, an even ground perfectly balanced for both factions. Horde only got 2 azuregos 0 kazzak. Who is the stupid faction? The one that cant win in an unbalanced bg or the one that cant win on fair ground?. Stay mad hordekids
  7. meanwhile horde can ez backdoor 1 elite and a few gy guards.. to stop them 20 or more are needed. Ally has to go thru mines, lots of elites, lpts of towers.
  8. We cant make a whole faction not suck. (Gm post on the horde backdooring on av balance problem). It just applies to horde here
  9. I have internet problems due to some stupid neighbour messing with the fiber cables and had a spile of 25k ping. If the pingis higher than 2k its as good as being dcd. And also its a problem on your side.
  10. Firebrand

    Hello I am a new pvper

    All this buttpain from tryhard pvpers. The kind that only go on a full queue with people thwy dont know (their only way to gain honor as they suck alone). And bow they pretend to be just 4 friends having fun. Get rekt pvp is for everyone not the vocal tryhard minority
  11. I just dont get some of that. Why wouldnt anyone play tbc? Specially if ots a char you moved from vanilla and worked so hard meaning you can grow him further. Its my first time playing wow and its a blast so i guess that could be one reason
  12. Why not level fresh kn the tbc server? I cannot level an ally shaman atm.
  13. Firebrand

    Turtle soup is so delicious.

    Someone sounds buttblasted
  14. Whoever you gave your pass to.