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  1. on Kronos I was able to use the command .exp off and .exp on to disable and enable experience for the sake of not out-leveling my static party.. it doesn't work on here, so I was wondering if there was another command that does?
  2. yeah on C should I move to program files? yeah I"ve changed the reamlist and realm name :( I logged in for 5 minutes, got to lvl 2, then exited to install an addon - can't get on ever since
  3. I've seen this happen in forums, many say to repeat login attempts.. it works for some people but not me I was JUST on before problem occurred, but I logged off after 5 minutes to install Questie I don't think I logged out through Esc menu, I think I just force quit the client but I'm not positive EDIT: friend said I appeared online for a long time
  4. I logged in for about 5 minutes.. logged out to install questie, now it doesn't let me in I'm afraid of spamming it too much because I don't want to be a pain on the server.. but I have tried about 10 times already and can't get it I tried uninstalling questie but it made no difference EDIT: to be clear, it's the same issue of disconnecting before reaching character select Second EDIT: My friend says she can still see me in game - I think I remember not logging out but force quitting the window!
  5. are the user/pw supposed to be registered somewhere else? or is it the same as this one (forum)? also I troubleshooted and saw that the error message changes if I try to change the realm list, but it's the same error "invalid info" if I spam the login stuff