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  1. OH-MY-GOD! Just randomly checked the forum, since i was thinking to myself "Hmm, maybe i should go back do vanilla wow again, after a while". And i see this. FFFCK YEAH! TBC was the moment i started playing this game. IT WAS AWESOME. Can't wait to create my Blood Elf Pala <3 :)) Thank you, cant wait!
  2. Arkadikuss

    Ret Pala

    Thank You boys :) I have gained some confidence, going to look for group for deadmines today, when ill get back home from work ;) I am going to play solo retpala, and occassionally ill go mage when my friend will come online (we've made characters that we play only when two of us are online). So I'll have it both ways. Thank you, seriously ;)
  3. Arkadikuss

    Ret Pala

    Hello everyone, I have a question, to which i didn't found compelling answer via google. It is my first time ever with Vanilla. I've been playing WoW from time to time since TBC, never, ever in Vanilla. When TBC Launched i had blast fun with Ret Palla, which - as it seems - was totally different than pala now. Right now I'm at lvl 18, have some fun with it, struggling most of times, but still have fun tho. But is ret palla really bad here, as people like to write? Most of time i see only "lol, reroll" answers. I play mostly solo, but truth is - i would like to join dungeons, and do some raiding (never did any tho :P). So, just plain, simple answer - is ret palla good/fun to play, or is it just a waste of time, and i should reroll healing pala or even totally switch for something else (thinking mage maybe). The main reason I ask is the fact that i do have some fun with it, but when i go to forum, and see opinions about paladins - i just want to reroll ;P Sorry for any mistakes - not eng native here :) Kind regards, Ark