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  1. Jongers

    Absolute bis gear

    What would be the absolute bis with naxxramas gear available?
  2. Jongers

    Alt-cast self cast for all spells

    Smartheal has some autoselfcast in it. But it sucks with dispel magic since it doesn't let you dispel enemies anymore.
  3. Jongers

    Development Update 24.05.2017

    And btw some dwarves in brd actually should net you in place which causes a ton of physical damage and roots you.. So brd farming shouldn't even be possible in the first place (lol)
  4. Jongers

    Development Update 24.05.2017

    I know it is more inefficient after the "nerf" which is actually a fix. But you have to accept that it was not blizzlike to kill 40 mobs at once spamming arcane expl. without using any mana at all cause permaclearcast,
  5. Jongers

    Development Update 24.05.2017

    Lol you don't need the broken clearcast to farm with a mage. You just need a bit better gear and "git gud". The brd farm times with a fresh green 60 mage are over kiddo
  6. Jongers

    Development Update 24.05.2017

    Sadly it is a fix. It was never 10% per target, it was 10% per spell.
  7. Jongers

    Development Update 24.05.2017

    Well it sometimes works but I does not feel like 10%
  8. Jongers

    Development Update 24.05.2017

    Mage clearcast is not working.
  9. Jongers

    PvE Shadow Priest Basics

    Which is better if you dont have the tear yet : Talisman of Emph. Power or The zg trinket? How much average spell damage does each of those trinkets achieve during a let's say 3 minute fight? Some ppl say the talisman is better cause it does not lose spell dmg after casting spells.
  10. Jongers

    After playing a tank and a healer

    Of course you never see the good blizzard mages in 5 man groups. Because those guys are doing it alone or 2 man. I know mages who can solo pretty much every trash pack in every 5 man instance with blizzard. If it's melee and chillable it is killable. It's your own fault if you try to tank a blizzard pull. And you are even dumb if you do this because a good mage will never get hit by melee mobs in his blizzard... And if you taunt and tank the mobs you take pointless damage and ruin the blizzarding. Nothing is more annoying than some idiots spreading, taunting, fearing / whatever your grouped up mob pack that you are blizzarding, trust me. And those are the kind of guys that blame the mage for being "bad" while at the same time running into 10 frostnova'd ghouls/orcs/whatever and cry about being oneshot. A good mage can literally kite everything that is chillable as long as the group does not вау фекал up. If the group understands the braindead easy concept that you don't need aggro from mobs that will never reach the mage anyways you can help the mage by not trying to play the tank hero and actually do something useful for instance in ubrs the trash around the beast room and the bridge has a few casters that you can pick out of all the melee. A "good" mage can literally solo all of ubrs trash without taking melee damage. The casters can be silenced, the mage can be shielded and healed through. Don't blame the mage when in truth, you are being dumb for not understanding this game breaking concept.
  11. It somehow shares a coodlown with mana pots. Same happens for the Conjured Lily Root. The cooldown is not shown on the item but it does not work. Lily root Also somehow has a hidden 1 hour cooldown shared with pots