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  1. Also it was approx 940 gold that I lost
  2. snikerdodle

    WTF is going on?

    Nope I am still down 1k gold
  3. snikerdodle

    WTF is going on?

    I lost 1k gold as well just randomly on my bank alt.. Nothing else is gone what so ever
  4. How do you expect me to get proof of this..? It's not like I take constant screen shots of my inventory. And maybe look at the forum of other people having the same thing happening to them.. I know renaming the servers shouldn't do anything to it but something else must have happened. The server rename update was just a timeline reference as to when it happened.
  5. snikerdodle

    My gold

    I had the same problem and the GMs said they arent going to do anything about this.. This is actually kind of ridiculous... I just lost about 940 gold to be exact..
  6. I lost about 1000 gold on my bank character right after the restart renaming the server. I have seen multiple people with the same problem in the forums and a few people in game. After submitting a ticket the staff is saying that they are unable to restore anything even due to server failure... This is 1000 gold and I am pretty much considering quitting seeing how long that gold took me and it feels all wasted now... This is a common problem as stated above and theres nothing they are doing about this..
  7. snikerdodle

    Gold is missing

    alright thanks will do. =/
  8. snikerdodle

    Gold is missing

    nope never used this username and pw anywhere ever.
  9. snikerdodle

    Gold is missing

    I see this is a common problem for people right now.. I have lost about 1k gold due to this... This is actually ridiculous.. Anyone hear anything from a GM or something about if we will get gold back because I mean 1k isn't and amount i can really just say ahh whatever to
  10. snikerdodle

    Rogue evasion getting used randomly for some reason

    I think i fixed it. I think it was the autobuff addon
  11. I don't even have the ability on my action bar and it seems to still cast even with just a mouse click. It's done it on cd since i got the ability pretty much. Any ideas?