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  1. Voice

    Herbalism Spawns

    My bet is a few other dudes are doing the same in front of you. Its very up and down for the herbs people still use for raids and such.
  2. Voice

    Found a pair of botters

    If you have a GTX card you can record with shadowplay and upload them to youtube for free. Worked on a bunch of botters and gliders so far.
  3. Its the culture of negativity.
  4. Voice

    Beware, the Soulflayer is coming

    Good stuff Jakira )
  5. Voice

    Class in Short Supply?

    What server do you play on?, if its one of the giant servers i would guess it doesnt matter. If its Darrowshire or ZK there might be some research to be done.
  6. Voice

    Future of Elysium

    If you wanna keep this civil, try and avoid forcing things down peoples throat as fact.
  7. Voice

    Shenna's Resignation

    What does those funny letters mean?, eller kan vi bare skrive hvad som helst?.
  8. What was the reddit rant about?.
  9. Voice

    Transfer to pve realm

    Please, we do not want all the china or russian farmed gold transfered to our server.
  10. Welcome to Vanilla wow, its how it was and how it will be. Its like that on Darrowshire too if your wondering, no experience on the other servers nut i would guess its the same. Maybe ZK is the only server which plays like it was intended.