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  1. orwell

    Nighthaven: 3 months after launch

    Shenna can you share horde-ally ratio at level 60?
  2. You got a guild website? What are your raid times?
  3. Very irresponsible act on Elysium's behalf. Utterly stupid to let everyone have their epic mount for 180g... I bought mine for 900 and now idiots with 180g chase me with same speed mounts.
  4. What are the CURRENT numbers for players above Level 40, please?
  5. orwell

    Riding skill before patch

    And predictably all the GM team is on discord making shitty jokes instead of coming here and try to solve a real problem.
  6. orwell

    Elemental Invasions

    What is an elemental invasion? Any links?
  7. Can someone explain how the hell do you get epic mount with 180g? I went and bought my nightsaber for 900g before 1.4.
  8. Full T1 or T2 or any tier players will be extremely rare. %99,9 of people will move into the next raids before they can complete a set which is really demotivating.
  9. orwell

    Dual Spec A Reality

    15$ or 50$ is too much. Nothing should exceed 5$ to be fair. Good idea though. They could reset your talent changing price to 1g for maybe 1$. Then when you need to reset it again you'll pay another 1$.
  10. orwell


    2FA was available before lights hope detached from elysium. But maybe the remaining devs don't know how to implement it now. I can't see another reason.
  11. orwell


    We still don't have 2FA. It's required for safe logins. Threats are real. Any community manager comment on this please?
  12. Name change is a very easy process for the admins. We know Elysium will need some money sooner or later so start offering services. Make name change your first service and see how it goes. I think around 3-5$ would be ok. And you should definitely accept Ethereum or Litecoin (Not bitcoin since the surge of miner fees).
  13. Kalmar why do you do your best for us?
  14. If it's quick and easy to get to lvl 5(and believe me it was not-because u gotta take your lvl 1 char out thecity and run to starting location, and that place is really crowded, you can't easily do your quests) then it means it's easy for gold spammers to lvl their char to 5. And they'll do it. You'll se there'll be no improvement whatsoever.