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  1. Ozolz

    Finding pick up groups

    its 10k population at peak hours and u ask this...jesus mary and christ
  2. so all 5 of anathema players must gear up and be ready? DAYYYYUUMM
  3. Ozolz


    best way to find out server status is go on their discord, if ppl talk of genitals its 100% proof server is not up
  4. Ozolz


    elysium is not up, realm status is usually wrong or take a long time to show actual status
  5. Hi, im using modui and it only shows 5 buffs on targetframe. If I mouseover it shows the rest in rows underneath. Any way to show them all at all times? Easy to forget to mouseover all party members to check buffs. I looked in the unit.lua but no sign of any mouseover function. read in creators post on nostalrius forum he added this mouseover function, so it reasons to think it can be disabled :S
  6. 25ms average still get 1-2s delay, damn ratty old sofa hw
  7. Ozolz

    Stuck at "Connected" -- Elysium (PvP)

    I will pray to God it comes up real fast, i cancelled on a wedding and/or funeral to play today...
  8. Ozolz

    Account closed

    you probably bought gold and got busted? friends dont let friends buy gold
  9. Ozolz

    Cant get past "Connected"

    Because getting an SMS about server issue is the same as resolving that issue. KEK
  10. Ozolz

    Name Change Option?

    You like the name Newname? LMAO
  11. Ozolz

    Cant get past "Connected"

    Technik Guys, is that a german techno group? Cant find any songs on Spotify
  12. Ozolz

    rotations and dps

    ok so i went 31 into BM, dps is like 5x better now :) but where should i continue putting points? survival to get to surefooted and 3% extra hit? or marksman? Im level 42 btw.
  13. Ozolz

    rotations and dps

    thx for the advice also found out my dps meter wasnt showing my pets dps at all...no wonder i was behind so much yet it was merging other hunters pets to their total SWstats dps meter seems crap
  14. Ozolz

    rotations and dps

    the obvious answer to this is GIT GUD but... the rotation i find everywhere is autoshot, aimed, autoshot, multishot, auto , repeat yet i see hunters 4 levels below me with crazy pets like hyenas (i got brokentooth) doing 30dps more with nothing close to that rotation, serpent stings and what not so whats up? my spec http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#cbZAVohxhtfhfb0h maxed out MM , starting on survival next level on