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  1. vanilla AV has always been shit, too much PvE mobs/elites retail handled it much better by removing all the unnecessary garbage. you can still summon the tree and icelords and the mechanics are largely the same. I jsut dont like the "2000" resource cap they did on retail, means you can no longer gy farm alliance or horde indefinitely as every player you kill gives you 1 resource so the game will end sooner or later also are you new?there has always been an "AV back door" there is videos showcasing it as early as 2005 or 2006 on youtube. its not an exploit. this is 100% blizzlike
  2. AciDTRiP

    The Rake is no longer king.

    good find any idea if a wind serpent is better than the cub at 19? I use the wind serpent primarily due to mage mana shield since it bypasses it, but in 19s mages dont have access to mana shield...would this cat be a better option then?
  3. AciDTRiP

    Boost lvl

    wtf are you smoking, boosting isnt against the rules. unless maybe you are multiboxing which really sucks that the community wants them banned ;/ if ur a separate account you can boost all you want with mob tag or instance
  4. AciDTRiP

    TwistRaids LFG

    i probably meant 19s on elysium your best bet is to go ely
  5. AciDTRiP

    lazyhunter autoshot+petattack macro

    those who just want to press 1 button /afkautoshot with petattack how would u set it up so the pet would attack the same target as me ofc
  6. AciDTRiP

    Lupos vs BT

    exactly moiz. BT does NOT have the ToT a WS has due to no ranged attack , which means any frozen armor will render it next to useless without dash or bestial swiftness. that and the fact it has to bypass mana shield(which has no cd and only requires a press of a button to refresh). that means a loss of dps. lightning breath is also unaffected by armor which every class has...which means BT is doing even less dmg I was also a proponent of cats but after doing tests i can see that they are only useful in lvl 19 pvp before classes get anti-pushback talents or shields
  7. this makes nightelf the best alliance warrior for pvp by default*some may argue gnome or dwarf is better but its all subjective im just contemplating on rolling gnome right now or nightelf. the shadowmeld would grant another incombat charge, provided charge is off cd ofc
  8. AciDTRiP

    Lupos vs BT

    Lupos>BT. after the nerf it should only be WS.cats are only useful at lvl 19 pvp as every class get a shield/absorb/anti-pushback mechanic past lvl 20 otherwise you should always be using a wind serpent. putting warriors in combat 40yd away. check. BT does not have the time on target a serpent has. also since its pure physical damage it is completely nullified by mana shield which mages learn at lvl 20. unless you have a friendly priest following you and dispelling the mana shield, you should always go with wind serpent because it actually bypasses it and causes pushback/damage
  9. AciDTRiP

    TwistRaids LFG

    bad idea to post your character name man, other ppl will hunt u down. shouldve done it once you turn 60 unfortunately i suggest staying as a twink as alliance pretty much holds the 60 pvp. good luck being gy farmed or join us in 19s with gy farming. we could use another geared 19 anyway
  10. Can we allow multiboxing now? For PvP bg, Instances, etc. This isnt nostalrius or elysium anymore, there is maybe 600 people playing. Im sure they wouldnt mind. Please dont lock the thread automatically, at least give us constructive criticism why its banned. A multiboxer is at a gigantic disadvantage against a group of people, since they can control their characters individually while his are stuck on /follow. Once the leader dies its all over. It actually requires some skill, and a knowledge of macros(for example if you just type /assist and put your guy on follow it wont do anything). Then there is the issue of gearing out 15 or 20 characters at once. Plus I can imagine some alliance would love to nuke aoe down my 20 or 30 mages(id love to see how many toons my machine can handle as well). LETS BRING BACK ANATHEMA
  11. Protip: undead rogues actually sucks ass, contrary to the popular belief. Had you rolled orc , sometimes the stars may have aligned and you wouldve been able to resist his KS or CS Rogue trinket already removes fear/seduce so it is redundant to have WOTF. A troll may even be more useful because 10% IAS Sure, they may hardcounter priests/warlocks 1v1, but usually those classes will have a friendly faget paladin healing them so your wotf is useless. And a rogue should beat an spriest or a lock 1v1 anyway provided he gets the jump
  12. They are supposed to be 11-20, 21-30, 31-40 etc you get the idea up until early 2006. Whats going on here? I thought we are currently in 2005 timeline Also the racials are messed up too, if i am remembering trolls arent even supposed to be able to use their racial "on the go" . they had to be critted by a melee attack, only then they could use it and they would take increased damage. dwarf racial was also supposed to slow them down by like 50 or 70% when they stoneform o
  13. AciDTRiP

    Lower level brackets

    what is the point of a 49? might as well go 60 at 59 you can get those ZG epics, maybe go 59 then?
  14. op, there is something that also applies in the real world just as ingame MYOFB
  15. I know this horse has been beat to death but right now im in a dire situation..my 19 twink is 1 1/2 bar away from lvling up and just gets exp every time im out in the world. Example: guards aggro from lakeshire, i gouge 1. Random stupid horde 60 decides to "help" , kills the guards. Things like this. Even alliance attack my mobs which i tagged while they are being attacked by me(wtf?) This could really help those who dont have a main or just want to turn exp off and have some fun in bg. Even the devs said the server isnt blizzlike due to custom dire maul changes ecetrera. Also being able to queue when out in the world without a battlemaster would also be nice
  16. I...I cant think of any. Now that is what you call alliance favoritism Now why do I need it? I am a 19 twink, with four exp bars away from dinking, and every time I go out in the world I seem to get exp since all this shit usually aggros on me.I NEED a place with friendly horde mobs. I could of course lvl up to 29 or 39 , which I am thinking about and not have to worry about this exp bullshit anymore. Oh and the extra attack power can always be handy since ally always has high lvls in low lvl zones(this goes to you lvl 25s+ in redridge--what ARE you doing there?). seriously players beyond their zone range should be penalized in some sort for being in lower lvl zones but instead are rewarded with mobs not aggroing etc Also from lore reasons, why the fvck are the elite orcs at stonekeep hostile to you in redridge? the orcs in wetlands are ALSO hostile. Only place i can think of is warsong lumber camp and nobody even goes there. They NPCs are also not even horde but rather just generic friendly NPC's, which unlike Alliance ones cannot be interacted with--e.g healed. They dont even have the horde symbol next to their portrait, and not that it matters but the Allaiance Kul Tiras and Hillsbrad NPCs DO, which allows them to be healed(which can create really cool situations , otherwise impossible to be pulled off by horde)
  17. ismeckye, a lvl 29 rando mage has ~3k effective health when you factor in mana shield. try again, with blink/nova and other tools at disposal regardless, i decided to level to 39 anyway as there is way too many high lvl people in redridge at this point; the link flows both ways so to speak, i can lvl just like they can. oh and 2 39s can easily kill an ungeared 60 if they play their cards correctly--something alliance LOVES to do is call up lvl 60s. It would be quite a humiliating death to die to a 39 twink
  18. no, everything was already discovered:but an example like this: elite orc [lvl 23] aggroes on me since i am the lowest lvl in stonewatch; i kill the ally healer, but have to gouge the mob orc so now he is tagged by me[gouge has like 3 dmg portion]. Pop sprint and try to run away. lvl 60 alliance mage chases after me spamming arcane explosion and "accidentally" kills the lvl 23 elite, granting me like 650 rested exp. Countless scenarios like this
  19. AciDTRiP

    20-29 Thread

    sure, enjoy your 50 thousand blood elfs with their blanket silences
  20. this doesnt concern the 10% of the good/mediocre rogues but rather the 90% of the trash rogues who queue in and completely fk it up for their own team First and foremost--you MUST fight. yes you ARE probably going to die, and no you are not sitting in stealthI cant do bgs with 4 rogues on our team. We are literally 4 players short, where other team has palas, mages,priests you name it...we have shit useless rogues, i mean they cant even bring any buffs to their team. its a lonewolf class , whereas other classes were designed with teamwork in mind I noticed, most of the time if you have 3 or more rogues on your team thats it--you lose!they do not do anything but sit in stealth in bgs Also rogues , did you know if you ambush/cheapshot a flagcarrier or an important target all at the same time, he will most likely die? Did you know you can coordinate your attacks together? You think I never played a rogue or never done an arena? What im saying is that stealthers kill competition. Rogues use the argument 'I get owned, so I play rogue''. That's complete rubbish and you know it. The only reason you're getting pushed to the graveyard is because YOU are filling a dps/healer role which would help sustain mid[but instead we get a shitty rogue]. I have seen very few gameswhere a team gets pushed back right into the graveyard with no stealthers. Stealthers kill games and competition. Most of the rogues in bgs are practically useless and id say probably a quarter of them just sit in stealth the whole game and will only open maybe once or twice Basically picture this scenario : your team has 5+ stealthed sh1trs in mid and 5 nonstealthers vs a full nonstealth team. -Midclash happens -The stealthed sh1trs stay stealthed, essentially making it a 5vs10 -The nonstealthers get wiped and its game over at this point. I guess the rogue cant even make it to the flag....ohwait, he cant, i dont know what he is doing, let alone pick it up. Solution - Make stealthers unstealth after a certain period of time so they cant be afk or some sort of a damage increasing debuff ( ala holding a flag style) the longer they sit in stealth ( it can be for pvp only ala' battle fatigue)the more damage they take - Make every single class track hidden this is complete bullshit and is unplayable right now, so me and my friends decided to also roll rogues...we are going to do our own thing, and turn it into a 6vs10 for our team . the system wiill continue to be abused as it has no checks or balances or holds to being an idiot in this game and sitting in stealth for 20 minutes doing a total of 0 damage(although I will be doing damage, but we will just be roaming around the map trying to find a clothie to ambush) Please rogues , just pick something easier to play like i dont know..ranged class seem to be good with a low skillcap...mage...hunter..lock. please just stop playing your rogues, you are making your own teammate's lives hell also can we get a bg report away tool like on retail? This was the main function of it, to boot useless trash so it can be replaced. i understand it can be abused to remove people you dont like but something must be done!!!
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    Undead warrior quest: Does it worth?

    just wait until someone else clears the crypt, its a major questhub at lvl 14 its worthless to do at this point, considering you can get things like http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=5318#reward-of
  22. AciDTRiP

    Warlock Healthstones

    Do they share a cooldown with the lifestone epic trinket? The one with the onuse heal.....http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=833 dont want to drop gold on it and find out they do share
  23. just turtle like them problem solved
  24. AciDTRiP

    boe zeth kur mounts

    thats why you are supposed to put them in gift wrapper boxes