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  1. Try get in the queue from work using a teamviewer, and by the time you will get home you will be in character login screen. ;)
  2. Sneaky

    I'm OK with weeks of DDOS

    How can i like your post? :D
  3. Bro can you stop this attention crawling fest you are doing with that green text? Or you using it to signal you are mentally retarded or something?
  4. Unfortunately he is right. Stop acting smartasses all of you if you have no clue what you are talking about. It is a channeled spell, and the logic is, that everytime it deals damage it also slows the target. So druid is gonna be able to shapeshift out of the first tick's slow but when the second tick would do damage they would get slowed bo matter what. Peace
  5. Sneaky

    Can't talk ... ?

    Hi. If you wasn't ban i suggest you try delete 'Cache' folder, log back in and try again. My best guess
  6. Sneaky

    Mobs respawn time

    I partially agree with you WonderBread. And i say partially, because your point is only available if we all would start at the very same hour on the server, at the launch. And i'm sure most of us will have work or other stuff to do. And at this point, would you have the same people after 2 days of play since the start of the realm, in the same zone, as the people who are just joining ? You are not moving the issue, you are giving alternatives to the player to move to another region, or try have a party go to an even higher zone killing +10levels above mobs so you can avoid other crowded zones. You can't do that if you still level 2 trying to camp that kobold miner. Also, this is not something new, this has been done on retail almost at every expansion launch, even in Legion with the CRZ already implemented. I was maybe exagerating with 2second respawn time, but 10sec would be more than ok. And i'm sure this won't deny any of the 'fresh vanila' experience since the rates are the same, 1x, or won't provide any advantages for anyone since it will be only for the very starting zones. I also appreciate your feedback ;)
  7. Sneaky

    Mobs respawn time

    True my friend, but that is why i was asking this only for the very starting zone, like Northshire for example, so people can gtfo from there and take their own leveling path. Having 100 ppl waiting for a wolf to spawn and even then knowing someone else tagged him and u have to wait again won't be any fun.
  8. Hi community! Asking this to the devs especially: is it possible to set mobs respawn time in starting zones to 1-2 sec (on fresh realm ofc)? Only in starting zones, i think it would be a fair experience, taking in consideration the thousands of people. happy new year!