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  1. Midoriko

    The Devilsaur monopoly.

    Its only that expensive because there are that many rogues.
  2. Midoriko

    Question about Dps/Healer Spec

    Hah no, anything that is DPS for a priest has to be wrenched from the teeth of a warlock, or the bowls of a mage. No guild gives priests gear, you will only get it for DPS when they let boomkins get DPS gear. Goahead and tell that mage or warlock you need the Tear of Neltharion more than he does and wait for their response; even though you *do* for guild progress in naxx on instructor razouvius.
  3. Midoriko

    The future of Legacy, starts now!

    Thank you guys!
  4. Midoriko

    About Pottu's message

    I wonder if Snarlr still has +100 base resist all before pet talents, or was it removed like the proc from the Blade of Eternal Darkness?
  5. Midoriko

    Dear hordes (Elysium server)

    Your doing it wrong. In addition, its not that Alliance don't care, but we can't care. We have focus. We have vision. The Alliance is much smaller than the Horde so with that comes a general smaller pool of gear sharing even if you'll never group with each other again. We gear faster. Lastly, I can't speak for everybody but my PvP stance is if its Red its Dead; BUT, at the same time "You don't clear all the trash in an instance." and that is how Alliance treat Horde in world pvp. You are trash mobs to get past to make it to our true goal. Sorry if it sounds like an insult but it is what it is. Also, it takes significantly less effort to hit Rank 14 in pvp, because there are less people to fight for honor. AND if you be-friend each other, you don't have to make stupid amounts of honor, you can just "Agree" to not surpass each other. The only other option is for 2x Rank 13's to fight for standing 1 and cause 2~3 weeks of zero Rank 14's to be produced which apparently is what Horde loves to do.
  6. Midoriko

    The future of Legacy, starts now!

    There is a link to a repository? I can barely contain my excitement ^.^ <3 Elysium team!
  7. Midoriko

    Priest Disc Talent - Martyrdom

    Good call, spriest silence is not an interrupt. And I was confusing purge with earth shock which isn't in vanilla, its a TBC thing. And as for the meditation thing, your spirit tick will always continue, even while casting, it never becomes interrupted ~ just changes values at different points in time depending on how much spirit you have, 1/3 or 3/3 meditation, and/or Tier 2 three piece set bonus. Edit to add: It really becomes fun with spirit tap and the blue dragon card trinket. Spirit and Mp5 are two separate forms of mana regeneration: Spirit = xMp/Tick (Two Seconds, like Rogue's Energy) and 1x Mp/ Tick = 4 Spirit Mp5 = 5 Seconds. What makes them each unique in their own perspectives is that Spirit is effected by Kings, makes +4 Stats on Chest worth it, and scales as a % so the more you have the more you get. However, Spirit is effected by "Combat Casting" where you regenerate mana after 5 seconds from casting a spell, there are a few ways to "modify" this rule with talents and gear. Mp5 is not effected by any spells, abilities or skills in the game. It can not be buffed or cursed negatively, it is not effected by the casting rule either, which is what makes it the best mana regeneration in the game for all classes except Priests. Using 5/5 Spiritual Guidance (your 21~25th Holy Talents) you are able to transform 25% of your spirit into Damage & Healing. This means that now what was once 4xSpirit=1xMp/Tick is now also 4xSpirit = 1xMp/Tick + 1xDmg&Healing. What is most unique about this is it is a flat bonus to Dmg&Healing and not "Up To"; so your spells will have a permanent increase in base rather than a dice roll. The maximum possible explanation of this is take the Priest Tier 3 setup, any rings, neck, cloak or weapon of choice, and your "Dark Moon Blue Dragon" card procs, which is 2x Spirit in combat along with normal mana regeneration, this also stacks with spirit tap, and would easily give a Smite Priest over 1000 Spirit, or 250 Dmg&Healing + 250 Mp/Tick. Don't forget Innervate ;) Heal Rank 2, Heal Rank 4, and Greater Heal Rank 1 "Spam" @ 2.5 Second Casting Speed which = The Average Attack Speed of most Bosses in the game. Also granting the +25% Armor Buff from Inspiration. http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#bxMGcV0oZf0tIc0Vx Full Tier 3 Talent Spec w/ Smiting: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#bxMGcZf0tIfrVx
  8. Midoriko

    LoS in BGs

    No arena pole dancing in vanilla.
  9. Midoriko

    Priest Disc Talent - Martyrdom

    Yes, there is a flat out chance to 100% resist a silence kick, imp counterspell, spriest silence, purge, etc etc. Martyrdom is a mandatory talent for me as any spec, and so is at *least* 1/3 meditation to permanently "break" the 5 sec rule.
  10. Midoriko

    Plea to new players

    No, roll horde, I need more of your bodies to pay for my epic riding!
  11. That's how my guild got 11/15 in Naxx on retail and killed C'thun, 40 soulstones with 8 unused warlock soulstones in the raid.
  12. Midoriko

    Tremor Totem bugged

    I would like to suggest maybe a few test duels. I know that there is a time delay in Tremors ability to remove the fear and the only last thing I could think of is the timing of how it all went down.
  13. Midoriko

    Tremor Totem bugged

    Are you sure it wasn't Deathcoil? Terror is worse than fear, and can not be resisted even by deathwish for the duration of Terror. Also, Tremor Totems have range?
  14. Midoriko

    Faction Ratio

    More hordies to kill is more honor for me :D
  15. Midoriko

    Is it realistic to go Disc/Holy for DPS?