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    WoW Music Updated

    I ''made'' an addon using a preexisting addon named FinalFantasylization that changes the music of the ingame WoW without having to tinker with the ingame files. This addon changes the feel of the game updating the zones music to have new fresh feeling instead of using the same old songs. The music used comes from blizzard games and mainly from other warcraft games. FAQ - But I don't like your musical choice in X zone! If you don't like the music I selected for a specific zone you can do the following: 1- Disable the addon: Type /FFSound disable on the chat. This will stop the addon for all the zones. 2- Remove the specific song: If you don't like the songs I selected for (example) Arathi Highlands, just select the songs on the folder named ''Songs'' and remove all the files with the name Arathi (including Arathi2, Arathi3, etc). 3- Replace it with your own choice!: If you want to replace the songs you just have to replace the mp3 file using the exact same filename I used. Ex: Remove ''Arathi2'' and replace it with your own song and rename that song ''Arathi2'' - Missing zones There are a lot of missing zones. I will update the addon to add new zones. You can try to tinker with the addon (it's pretty simple to add new zones). Keep in mind i dont know anything about programming i just used the code from the FinalFantasylization and edited it to add new zones and remove the Final Fantasy aspect of it. Credits to the guy who made that addon. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3bgqxeew0hm32cs/WoWMusicUpdate.rar?dl=0 Haven't tested all the zones yet, we might find thing that are not working, so we can say this is a Beta or an alpha i don't know and i don't care, I planned to make this for personal use but i post it here if anyone is interested and maybe can improve it.