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  1. Curado


    so lets say you are 1v1ing in world pvp and some other dude shows up and jumps in. this item is great for 1v2s. well now its not so great.
  2. Curado


    if you have a dot on yourself or take damage while charging the stun doesnt work.
  3. Curado

    [Addon][BG] Strategos

    uhhh link to download?
  4. aka im an obstinate douche and only want people to agree with me in my echo chamber. i didnt attack you until now! have a good day =D
  5. trying to figure out who is ddosing is like trying to figure out who shit against the wall in a public restroom.
  6. Curado

    PvP Arms gear

    [GUIDE] PvP Arms by Arucado - Warrior - Elysium Project this is for 1.12 but its a good start point. you'll have to adjust for patches on your own.
  7. so a guide on how to rank up as slow as possible?
  8. These items secretly share the same cooldown. I'm not sure if this is blizz-like or not. When you use one, the other will give you the "Ability is not ready yet." message even though the item itself does not show a cooldown. horned viking helmet 30min CD goblin rocket helment 20min CD
  9. Curado

    Horde is so bad in this server

    yeah right! (some of) those r14s are going up for auction and new ones will be made.
  10. they aren't there for your level 50 ass, they are there for 60s going to brm. but if you are worth honor, you're dying. just the way it is.
  11. step one is activating 2fa on your account or you'll likely end up getting hacked again.
  12. Curado

    Hate guild exploits

    every pug ive join for lbrs does this. also if you are doing lbrs and worried about a "gear curve" i got bad news for you.
  13. Curado

    BG wintrade Anathema

    what is best in life? crush your emenies, see them driven before you, hear the lamentations of their women. ...and then you get banned. sucks, sorry chinese bros.
  14. why the fuck would you go ret when holy pally is the most op spec/class in the game?