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    Trash server.

    Good riddance.
  2. Kvackdoktor

    Call of water (part 6) problem

    Solved. Go to the tiny island where the manifestation is supposed to appear and put down a fire nova totem in the middle. No Water Sapta required whatsoever.
  3. Kvackdoktor

    Call of water (part 6) problem

    Please. Playing without a water totem will be severely crippling.
  4. Kvackdoktor

    Call of water (part 6) problem

    Hello, I'm doing the Call of water (part 6) quest. Here is the problem: I drank the water sapta to make the elemental which I have to kill manifest, and it didn't (or I missed it) in Silverpine. Even returning to the quest giver, she won't give me a new one, neither will Brine (the other quest giver involved in the chain quest). I have tried everything, abandoning and retaking etc, but I simply can't get a new water sapta so that I can get my water totem. Can you help me? Happy new year!