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  1. Xadaver_pve

    Darrowshire 1.8 Temporarily Delayed

    No problems guys, at least the Elemental Invasion was fixed! Keep up the good work.
  2. Can any Anathemites confirm whether the elemental invasion event is still occurring on your server please?
  3. Xadaver_pve

    PSA: Spirit of Redemption eats your durability

    had a hilarious bug with this in ZG panther boss, I died and got spirit of redemption form 8 times in a row somehow, saved the boss but was instantly red after and trying to figure out how.
  4. We don't need a merge, we need Winter to come back so people stay indoors and raid.
  5. Xadaver_pve

    Herbalism Spawns

    230 skill + swamp of sorrows>blasted lands = 300 skill in like 2 hours max.
  6. This, but logging out and in again will make you dark again, and it seems to only be a clientside problem anyway.
  7. Xadaver_pve

    Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon

    it has to heal something with the tick to proc, but it definitely procs from both the initial cast and ticks, not a recent change at all, had the trinket for months and it has worked this way on darrowshire dispel indeed does not proc it though
  8. Xadaver_pve

    Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon

    It already procs on renew and always has, I believe rejuv is the exception to this.
  9. Xadaver_pve

    Guild banks?

    There are no guild banks in vanilla, ppl just use lowlevel alt characters and send big bags to them.
  10. Xadaver_pve

    Gold Hacked

    Stop buying gold or account sharing.
  11. Xadaver_pve

    Diremaul E Changes

    It's still farmable you just have to time it better and be more careful.
  12. turn off your torrent client and use the letter as kindling, nothing to worry about, ISPs won't lose your business if they can help it.
  13. Xadaver_pve

    Cry About Raiddrops - The Thread

    we've had bad luck with ToEPs I think, and no nef staff yet. Btw did Lucifron stop casting his impending doom debuff for you guys lately too?
  14. Xadaver_pve

    Healing Priest pvp spec?

    For sure don't ever put more than 1 point in Blessed Recovery, its only use is rogue duels and dispel fodder.
  15. Xadaver_pve

    Spirit Tap: is it all that and a bag of potato chips?

    Will the points that would have gone into spirit tap be better used to increase heals to better support instancing? No, you can heal everything fine as shadow up to ST before it gets even semi-difficult.