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  1. Gregory

    CoA Corruption 1 button macro

    From DoTimer documentation: DoTimer defines several functions written specifically for macros. One is called DoT_IsPSpell("spellname"). What it does is lets you test your current target for a specified debuff, and the function will return true if it is on your mob, if not, it'll return false and cast it for you. This differs from other functions in that it looks ONLY at your own debuffs, not any from other people! So there can be 15 corruptions on the target, but if none are yours, it'll return false. See below for sample macros using this command =] Note that it bases its judgment on if you have a timer running, so in hectic situations, it may not be completely accurate. If you're farming solo, it is not a bad idea to just use the next function, not this one.
  2. Gregory

    vQueue for Elysium?

    Is it possible to make list on the left side multiselect? Often you looking for several instances at once.
  3. Gregory

    XC (eXtended Commands)

    Sorry, but addon like that already exsist
  4. Gregory

    [AddOn] ShaguPlates

    Look at "Enable Mouselook on Right-Click" option.
  5. Gregory

    Rogue Macro Help

    There is macro which allow you to expose target during Gouge/Sap without breaking it. You can change Expose Armor for any other spell if you want, but I wonder - why you need to stop autoattack during Cheap Shot stun?! /cast Expose Armor(Rank 5) /script AttackTarget(); /script ClearTarget(); /script TargetLastTarget();
  6. Gregory

    sinister strike macro

    You didnt read "Attention:" part.
  7. Gregory

    Rogue Macros

    Use macro I posted. It work always.
  8. Gregory

    CoA Corruption 1 button macro

    Not possible in vanilla to check if it yours [de]buff or not.
  9. Gregory

    Rogue Macros

    This macro doesnt allow you to autochange targets in combat when previous target dies or when mob aggro on you first. So its not only easier but also worse.
  10. Gregory

    Rogue Macros

    a. Easier way - install addon from this thread 1. /cast [nostealth] Stealth; [stealth mod:shift] Stealth 2. /cast Sinister Strike /cast !Attack Without addons: 1. Use one from post above 2. /cast Sinister Strike /script if not IsCurrentAction(60) then UseAction(60) end; You need to place Attack button to slot 60 or any other just change number in macro. Slot numbers you can check here
  11. Gregory

    Leveling: Eviscerate and Rupture

    Glancing blows occur only on white damage so neither Evis nor Rupture can be glancing. Rupture ignore armor so may be useful against some mobs, but i doubt that it can be any noticeable difference on leveling.
  12. Gregory

    Looking for Enemy Cast Bar Addon

    There is no API in vanilla to create such addon. I'm using Antagonist with "target only" option and debuff/cd modules disabled.
  13. Gregory

    Lockpicking Guide 1-300

    My personal leveling guide (combined from few other guides actually): IMPORTANT!!! I recommend to level till 60 then go for LP past 70. It will be much faster when you don't need to kill mobs around. 1-70: Lockpicking quest. 70 required for Posion quest, don't bother to level higher - it is very slow. 70-170: Poison quest chest (remember to activate Pick Lock skill then click on chest). becoming grey at 170. 170-175: up to you. I've got it trying to do step 3 from OP guide, but it was very slow. Doors outside didnt reset for about 30m i've spent here so you can get level up only once. But you can open doors insde cathedral and armory (50+ only i believe, otherwise you will pull surrounding packs) then reset instances. 175-225: footlockers in Angor Fortress, Badlands http://db.vanillagaming.org/?object=179492 225-250: footlockers in caves, Searing Gorge http://db.vanillagaming.org/?object=179494 250-280: footlockers in pirates area, Tanaris http://db.vanillagaming.org/?object=179496 Really hard to get last few points so you can use some Lockboxes if you have them. 280-300: 3 doors in BRD + shadowforge lock (only if you level 60, then you don't pull surrounding packs). You don't get level up every time so one series of 5 instance locks per hour not enough. Either open some lockboxes again or wait hour and repeat 1-2 runs. Footlockers respawn very fast, basically when you learn their positions first one already here when you finish whole circle. Expect some competition in Tanaris though.
  14. Gregory

    Out of combat timer

    Timer is 5s. Its main purpose of taking Imp. Gouge talent to be able to restealth. But it could be hard to make it work on Nost/Elysium due to lags.
  15. Gregory

    Lockpicking Guide 1-300

    That's really weird, I made from 70-something to 170 in about half hour and it was very fast till 150-ish.