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  1. My OCD is triggered. Whenever I mouse over vendor items, this bug appears. Then when I mouse-over anything, "Currently Equipped" appears. OCD 101% triggered PLEASE HELP http://imgur.com/a/iOgEd
  2. Wykrhm

    Disconnected + Auth stuck

    This фекал isn't worth playing on. Better switch to Nost to avoid this shitz
  3. Wykrhm

    Disconnected + Auth stuck

    Was playing - boom, disconnected. 12k queue. Thanks Elysium
  4. Wykrhm

    22 hours after launch

    Thanks for the DC, piece of фекал server.
  5. Wykrhm

    Are Things Re-spawning Faster?

    Yes, but they haven't made an announcement - and I'm glad they didn't. My guess for that is that people would девушка легкого поведения how that isn't Vanilla, etc. So far so good.