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  1. SquareBe

    fishing schools?

    just wondering if they are in the game? or im just that unlucky to miss them completely. dont remember correctly how they look like before that sparkly effect tho...
  2. SquareBe

    hunter technical question

    trying to learn charge rank1. i got a lil' boar and have it attack stuff but wont teach it. had a bigger one that taught charge rank2 on the 2nd mob. possible because the lil' one training points are -5? should I lvl up the lil' one so it can teach it to me? please help!
  3. SquareBe

    account closed

    just wondering how do one know for sure if he/she's been banned? dont one should get an e-mail informing the account deletion? i got this message in several occasion before and the account was still there i could login in a few hours later...
  4. SquareBe

    account closed

    getting this "official" blizz note while trying to login that my acc is banned. i can login on the site tho and on the forums too. knowing the login server is under attack im not sure if i really lost my acc or its just the server being confused... pls help. edit deleted the config.wtf file but still the same msg
  5. SquareBe

    [AddOn] aux and more

    getting this error. any idea how to fix it? Interface/Addons/aux-addon/search/saved/lua:11: bad argument #1 to 'getn' (table expected, got nil) cant attach .jpg for some reason...
  6. SquareBe


  7. all green! thx everything!
  8. deleted the files in WTF and everything works! TYVM now im checkin if it works with any of the other addons...
  9. removed all addon folders, only questie copied back, and a ss from the folder contents
  10. with only questie enabled
  11. legions worldquest tracker deleted, i dont use curse with 1.12. theres no out of date addon yet on the addons UI was set the memory to 256 result: still 2 errors...
  12. the 2nd error the one im unable to make go away...
  13. yes it does but when i log in i got a few errors then just the pure UI...
  14. hi there doesnt seem to work for me eighter the 3.3 nor the 3.5 not even if i remove all my addons and put only this in with the original blizz addons. any idea how to fix this?