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  1. Healy

    Dhralla's Hunter Guide

    Great guide! I've been looking all over for an in depth discussion of ranged hit/crit/weapon skill math. And grats on Elysium sharing it on their Twitter :p
  2. Bumping this because the issue is still hanging around. I can't create any new reports or comment on existing ones with new information. Sure I can log out to view them....but I want to participate! I have new reports! I hope website devs are working on this
  3. I like the lily roots, and the neck has only been around 40g on Anathema. Sure it's a little annoying to equip and use, but I usually can easily get 2-3 per raid. And sure, runes are better, but I think of them as the "cheap" secondary cd consume. If a fight is a little bumpy but you don't think it warrants the Dark Rune+Major Mana burn, I often go Lily+Combat Mana. It's only bugged if you use potion first. Use lily/rune/whipper first and you're fine. And go upvote bug reports!
  4. Fear was never meant to be controllable, it was always random throughout vanilla. The ability to have a guaranteed direction and control the target's pathing was a huge, non-blizzlike benefit for warlocks. Despite how many times you "still died", it was an unintended benefit and an oversight in the coding. Fear is still usable as a CC, but like how it originally worked, there's a risk of that target running in a direction you really don't want. This project's goal is to emulate original vanilla World of Warcraft, and I play here because of that. Sorry, I disagree with your request to change fear pathing to a controllable state. (but they should definitely fix the disconnect bug)
  5. Awesome! Welcome and thank you!
  6. Healy

    The War Effort Reborn

    You're making the assumption that "intelligent" players hoard their resources and make maximizing their individual gold counter their number one priority in this game. The reality is that there are many players who play this game to have fun. When you already have BWL on farm, it's fun to participate in the War Effort even though you might make less on those resources you farmed. AQ is fun and many people want to see it come out sooner, so they'll take the hit in their profits. But, like mentioned in the announcement, there are also many players who either don't care and just want to max their $$$ (like you), or got pissed off over the ridiculously high resource requirements and made videos of them deleting 1000 firebloom. The War Effort system itself is fine, but maybe not setting the requirements so high.
  7. Healy

    The War Effort Reborn

    Custom event? Ehhh.....most of us are here because it's blizzlike vanilla.....
  8. I think you're missing the joke. We enjoy laughing about how we have no lives and how much time this game requires. That's also part of why we love original WoW so much, and don't want reduced respec costs.
  9. Hey, I can view bug reports when I'm logged out, but when I log in to the control panel (so I can comment or upvote) I get "Internal Server Error" whenever I try to load any bug report. I can still see the list and use the search, it's just attempting to view individual tickets. I confirmed this by waiting long enough to log out, it let me view tickets again, logging in again caused the same errors. (you guys might want to add the option to log out of the control panel) Not sure if needed, but my account has 2FA enabled IP lock and a successful Nostalrius transfer (though since the Nost data wipe it has said transferred account has no chars)
  10. I don't have any images that can convey all the salt in that video. Something like mountains of it.
  11. Healy

    The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj

    Hmm good points, I guess since the quest line affects how long the entire server gets to experience the event, it makes sense to scale it up a little. I'm still sticking to disagreeing with mount limit though! If 20 people all go full no life mode and finish before the timer, they should all be able to get it. And the more people who get there the less likely they're all going to wait for their buddies to ring it. I can see a lot of people getting ripped off with this limit, doesn't seem fair imo
  12. Healy

    The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj

    I did! I just meant the population is x3 retail vanilla servers but some of the resources are +x20 retail requirements. Just an opinion, and I see the flip side, nobody wants the war effort to end the first day. People cleared MC first week of server launch and BWL within a few hours of the patch. That's not matching what actually happened! Should they make changes? Not trying to flame, just having a discussion
  13. Healy

    The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj

    Awesome! Hype But imo might be a little overboard with the nonblizz changes. I thought you'd just scale the resource requirements to fit the population difference. But limits on the number of players gaining mounts? What if more than 6 people did the work on time? Increased difficulty of events? And sucks for all those people who were stockpiling and thought they were being helpful, turns our Elysium staff just looked into your banks and made sure the requirements were higher...
  14. Healy

    its working,or just dying ?

    I was able to get in on Anathema, but the logon server DC's me half of the attempts, and many of my "load in" attempts ended with DC, after 10+ tries I finally got in. Population looks normal, logging on shouldn't be this difficult. I'm in the process of spamming attempts now to get a different character online.