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  1. Brenz

    Vanish doesnt work

    Was a couple few months, hardly a necro, and its carrying on the convo instead of starting a whole new thread for a topic that is not resolved.
  2. I can confirm this, vanish is a fucking joke as usual.
  3. Brenz

    Nationality Survey!

    this is a language survey not a nationality survey
  4. I do see your point when you lay it out like that. Its just a bummer having your realm go down unannounced all the time for whatever reason while others are operating as intended.
  5. Time invested and progress
  6. Can we also get feedback on the character transfer queries that have been brought up? Apart from this incident Anathema is down more often than any other realm by far, I would reroll to Elysium but I just dont have the time to level a new toon.
  7. Brenz

    Anathema offline

    Its always this server. I should have rolled on Elysium, but ive invested too much time on my toon to reroll. Sad state of affairs
  8. Brenz

    Oto's Rogue Guide

    Why do I see people recommending Subtlety with swords over daggers? Wouldnt you need a dagger in main hand to be able to perform the majority of the openers?
  9. Brenz

    Lockpicking Guide 1-300

    Thanks for that, just went back and it worked
  10. Brenz

    Lockpicking Guide 1-300

    I cant, i went to the tower and the chest was just there but i couldnt target it
  11. Brenz

    Lockpicking Guide 1-300

    where is the tower for 70-170? I went back to the tower in westfall in the south near the stv border, but could not open the chest in there as i had completed the quest already? is that the chest you speak of?
  12. Brenz


    Try playing on Anathema, that bitch goes down more than a main street hooker.
  13. Hi all Hoping to get some help here. I'm levelling a nelf rogue, currently in darkshore and level 16. Im just dying all the time. Even 1 on 1 with a mob 1 Lvl higher than me I have a chance to die. My hits miss so often, I take tons of damage, and God forbid I get more than one mob by accident. My damage feels very low. I'm using a dagger in main hand and sword off hand, so I can still use backstab. Any levelling advise would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. Hi all I was wondering which server, if there is one, has more of an EU population, as that is my time zone. I am currently playing on Darrowshire, and I struggle to find groups during the day, only late at night, after midnight, it seems to be busy. Im also playing on Anathema but am still low level so havent had any issues yet, is there a preferred pvp realm for EU people?
  15. Brenz

    All Gear/Items Gone - Darrowshire

    Same just happened to me after a relog. Now in cant get back in