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  1. KonigsTiger

    Warrior vs range

    At lvl 30 you should be killing people with WW axe pretty fast. Wait until you are 40 and switch to arms. You will be able to be more competitive against everything, but mages when using arms.
  2. KonigsTiger

    Elysium Project: Moving Forward!

    Awesome to hear!
  3. Muy buen nombre jajaj, lástima que soy ally. Suerte con el proyecto.
  4. KonigsTiger

    Fury Warrior BIS?

    If they ever drop
  5. KonigsTiger

    Banned from whisper/trade/world chat

    You really are a Troublemaker, arent you?
  6. KonigsTiger

    Prot Warrior Guide by Armilus v2

    Do I generate aggro with battle shout/demoralizing shout each time that I use them? so lets say a group of mini adds come to the group, I use demo shout to aggro them. Should I keep spamming the shout, or I wont generate additional threat on them?
  7. KonigsTiger

    Sword spec procs more on horde than alliance warriors.

    I love how people are discussing about the talent and not the possible bug itself. You guys get distracted very easily.
  8. Also, my global chat started to be far too quiet. I disabled it and it became live again. My SP adon was blocking whispers from both normal people and gold spammers, :(
  9. KonigsTiger

    Leveling a Warrior...

    I made a thread about it, search a little bit.
  10. KonigsTiger

    Griefing Devilsaurs

    I think it´s ok for people to kill you over Devilsaurs, but no the perma sheep thing. This might not help, since a very small portion of the playerbase read the forums, but not buying devilsaur items might help a little bit.
  11. KonigsTiger

    Tank Weapon --> Slow or Fast

    I think its better to use fast weapon if your hit is low, since missing a hit with a slow weapon can be more punishing than missing with a fast one. Besides that, it doesn´t matter too much.
  12. I have been using this addon for almost a month now- It did its job at blocking everything, but today I started getting the annoyign spam of tank.com. etc- What can I do?
  13. KonigsTiger

    Worth upgrading whirlwind axe to rockpounder?

    It´s better because of the overall waepon damage. The 2% crit makes it up a little bit.
  14. KonigsTiger

    Zul'Farrak Bugged

    Werid, I have done ZF like 6 times on Anathema and everything worked almost as intenteded. The only bug I saw was that the orc warlock (oroeyegouge I think) was immunerable a the begining of the pull (every hit was an evade) our heaer had to LOST it so it would move.
  15. KonigsTiger

    Leveling a Warrior...

    lvl 47, currently using Rockpounder (stoneslayer never dropped) . I was thiking about buying warmonger (if I can get it for like 25g) The weapon damage is lower, but it has high dps and 3% incresed chance to hit, which I think it´s really nice for arms. Im not sure I would re spec to Swrod specialization though, since I would probably replace it for the ice barbed spear later. Speaking of which, how hard is it to get the spear on this server? a friend told me it´s really hard, but I have seen many people with it.