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    War Effort — UPDATE 3/26/2017

    People that stopped playing or just choose to not help with the effort because "unreachable, to much effort" magnified the issue. If they on top of that have to focus on drama players create such as players charge backing donations then yea it will take extra time to get it fixed. They are supplying us with this service. A service which back in retail cost a monthly fee, took about 2-3 months to get anything major changed and had server down time so often that getting varying amount of compensation (in the form of extra days as sub) each month was the norm. If blizz was supplying this service now it would still be subscription based and it would take way longer to get anything changed though there would probably be more server stability. So yea I think they are doing a good job. Can it be better, everything can be improved but I don't think its for lack of trying.
  2. Moonsteel

    War Effort — UPDATE 3/26/2017

    Thank you for the update. I am glad we get the chance to experience vanilla again and maybe just maybe do naxx this time around.
  3. Moonsteel

    Recent Issues & Future Plans

    Any number of players above 500 is fine. Blizz servers where originally capped in the region of 1000-1500 players, only the servers that got cues in peak hours ever hit those numbers. Until nost did a heavy revamp on number of resource nodes and re-spawn rates (going dynamic) the world grinding was very overcrowded at "only" 4k. Ofc keep an eye on those server numbers if they keep going down past the novelty of the war effort then there could be a problem, however transfers aren't the solution. When blizz opened paid transfers there where several servers who more or less died while others got so overcrowded that the players already there got frustrated and it turned into general internet flaming between the groups. This was mostly because everyone went to the servers with the "best" raid guilds (the most popular and visible). In the case of free transfers it would be the same as shutting down the server since everyone wants to be on the "winning" side. On the topic of players and guilds leaving. I wouldn't be worried unless there was a MAJOR drop in players as it happened back in the day as well, priorities change, rl happens and on occasion ppl just grow bored of the game or even a new game launch which sucks up activity for a time. It just gets so much more attention when it happens to prolific guilds. The concept of waiting for months at a time for new content was the norm. With 300+ (counting low as not all slots has things of interest in all 40 man content) item slots to fill in your raid and only so much loot/reset you really need months at a time. Though I do agree that the war effort requirements though well intended turned out a bit harsh.
  4. Moonsteel

    KANIUM [EU-Alliance] Weekend Raiding Guild

    Still looking. :)