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    https://gyazo.com/fa7db2c0be4082fbe0414b72c7cc55da 2 days ago so did OVH ever send you those details?
  2. Wunsen

    [A] Theorycraft is recruiting

    Still looking for the classes listed in the OP. If you are an exceptional player and believe you would be a good fit to the guild please don't hesitate to apply, even if your class is in low demand. if you have any questions, you can contact myself or any of the other officers ingame. Wunsen / Istaria(Shanyatral) / Kujalla / Moozie / Variola
  3. Wunsen

    [A] <Blacklisted> [NA] Weekend Raiding

    A friendly bump to our allies over at Blacklisted who we work together with to take down world bosses. If you are looking for a good guild with a strong history on the server who also efficiently kills world bosses, this is the guild for you!