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  1. Cc?

    Bug--Green Lenses

    It is vanilla like I believe
  2. Cc?

    20-29 Thread

    Yes. After re rolling there a month ago, leveling and gearing up a 29 and 39 has proven much easier/quicker and cheaper because of the amount of gear/enchants available this patch. Currently there are a lot of games and many are competitive. There is also an incredibly active 19 community. Anathema is dead. Warmane will suck. Go to Elysium pvp
  3. Level 19 anaethema Level 29 elysium Level 39 anathema
  4. LF kind funder, you might know me as Cc 19 mage
  5. Cc?

    10 - 19 Thread

    Im considering making a 19. Are there any active guilds i can look up on realmplayers?