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  1. Yes, melee players should also get same error message to inspire understanding to this blizzlike feature. ;) In different expansionI have unpacked .mpq and using Audacity replaced content of Error message sound file with silence. Local devs should consider this particular change - there is a healthy limit of creating blizz-like environment and little pleasure in hours long whooping over your ears.
  2. Hi all, anticipating alot however I might forget it waiting for TBC relaunch. ;) TBC used to have nasty trap with farming rep - instance mobs were providing the gain only until Honored (pls verify, it's been 10 years) and then it was slow grind to get Revered and unlock heroic modes. But if you'll grind Hellfire Ramparts / Blood Furnace until you get sick and follow with grinding Slave Pens and Underbog until you can't see it again (i.e. hit Honored rep) - only then start doing starting TBC quests. They will bring you nicely through the gap to Revered. My result - two keys to Heroic modes at level 66.
  3. Opinions here on multiboxing are funny to say the least. (MUST participate in spirit of the game... alt tabbing through clients... lol). Staff doesn't fall far behind if families/friends playing from one IP are sanctioned for that. Solid fact is that contemporary PCs can run so many accounts that such players could easily choke the server. Boodk, solution from Marcelo20XX is right for you. I recommend however to try other version of WoW, e.g. WotLK onwards where you are able to orchestrate all classes in one group (interact with target feature). There are even servers without m-boxing sanctions.
  4. Hey All, since this version of WoW has reached it's final stages in level progressions we spend only fraction of playtime fully enjoying many leveling dungeons. Scaling up set of leveling dungeons to level 60 version would be nice alternative to playing same end game dungeons as for past 13 years. Screw the loot, idea has mostly sentimental value. Rgs
  5. Is there a 1-2-3 set up guide for this specific build already available anywhere?
  6. BogyOne

    Shenna's Resignation

    Are you going to play this game? Hope to meet you on Darrowshire.
  7. Entertain me, is this easier than implementing chat reporting function that if several different Client IPs report a player for gold selling then related account goes on auto lockdown until investigation and its owner gets e-mail to reset password?
  8. Besides need to have cheaters treated properly I totally don't understand how 2, 20 or 200 cheaters "fool" or have any remote impact on you + remaining 24/39 people you raid with. Guilds and raids are isolated bubbles and you can actually ignore anyone else playing on the server. Certainly doesn't impact my experience of playing and sense of achievements.
  9. BogyOne

    Safety concerns due to recent events

    Thank you for reply, I've hoped that after db leak I could change both email and password and turn the leaked info useless.
  10. BogyOne

    Safety concerns due to recent events

    Hello, rezzing my topic I'd like to ask if it is possible to change the e-mail address related to account?
  11. Not sure which class you want to play but I estimated it'll take less time to make same class twice with different specs, in my case warrior tank and dps.
  12. BogyOne

    Recent Issues & Future Plans

    Excellent news, thanks for it!
  13. BogyOne

    The Devilsaur monopoly.

    Topic is alive and maybe some good will come of it thanks to that. I'm glad to see that you call the thing for what it is - cartel. I have to admit that I haven't thought about offline implications of that but you're 100% right here. Creating bottlenecks and ridiculous prices was what was keeping the gold trading in WoW early days going as well. Flood of insults you get shows that you hit the soft spot here, trying to bully you into submission is as childish as it is effective so keep it up. Goal here is for server owners to evaluate the situation and make a stand - either tolerate this organized action or adapt TOU appropriately.
  14. AH is terribly slow and so maybe the communication between client and server is slow in this case as well? Anyway, do I need to google how to assemble a server or you're post some guide too? I googled some info and read what discord guys chat about but would be easier with instructions on forum.
  15. BogyOne

    Nationality Survey!

    Perhaps you could also collect preferred ingame communication language if matters?