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  1. and have the server shutdown in 3 months especially with 90% of the player base going to be moving to blizzard legacy once theyre released
  2. 9 months and you still cant figure out how to make your servers not crash daily. Atleast update the realm status page. Getting quite old having the servers down and the elysium crew acting like nothing is going on
  3. dwarfhunter

    WTB (A) Rogue t2 Helm Ony

    Any allance guilds selling rogue t2 helm from ony send a pm
  4. dwarfhunter

    Lower level brackets

    Most low level pvp is dead now
  5. dwarfhunter

    Meanwhile in AB

    I dont see whats wrong with this? Mages are clearly one of the more op classes in PVP so why would ppl play a class thats shittier than them when they want to pvp... Dont like it reroll mage yourself
  6. U always go out of aquatic form when u jump out of water... you use to be able to jump out of water and go into flight form later on in wow not vanilla of course
  7. I play horde... im just not immature and dont have mental disorders so i dont find thinks like this funny sorry
  8. dwarfhunter

    AFKing at ST? is it really ok?

    They dont do anything baout it all the guys who are farming rank 14 i see them afking most the BGs they arent premading in and the gms do nothing cuz they are part of Grizzly
  9. that might have been the stupidest thing i have ever read
  10. dwarfhunter

    This guy is a beast

    Whelp you probably just got him banned nice work
  11. dwarfhunter

    Some names unneccessarily banned?

    who cares about character names click random at the bottom when youre making a toon and youll find a name
  12. dwarfhunter

    Timbermaw Rep question

    U form a 40 man raid and just kill the npcs for countless hours
  13. dwarfhunter

    Is it too late to start?

    Elysium is more made for the social experience and not the actual playing. Bgs have half the team afk every game, dungeons have almost every item worth value reserved. premades only take friends or ppl they know. Just play to talk in world and youll be fine
  14. dwarfhunter

    Is it too late to start?

    Its kind of to late, servers dying as well as the community.
  15. dwarfhunter


    might need the newer version. my questie actually freezes my game for about a second after i pick up a quest turn in a quest or get a quest item its pretty annoying
  16. dwarfhunter

    Cant connect

    Hey you cuck the server shows it has 7k people online... gtfo
  17. dwarfhunter

    Cant connect

    They hosted on shitty server. Waste of our donation money tbh they should atleast find a better host or do a better job of getting them back up if theyre going to have the players pay for them to be hosted. Elysium team is just pocketing thousands in donation money and not caring about the realms themselves
  18. What is everyones reason for playing vanilla on Elysium? I personally do it as a time dump and to faceroll people in bgs
  19. dwarfhunter

    Major Screw-Up Honor.

    DO GMS not answer peoples questions about what the issue is? I mean this is the help page and no GMs are even touching on the issue most people went down in ranks or lost honor 2 weeks in a row and still no real response to this other than trying to fix for last week even though most people went down both or didnt gain the proper increase.
  20. dwarfhunter

    Cant get on

    Unable to get on are the servers down they say they are up for me
  21. dwarfhunter

    RIP ELysium

    Whelp its the end guys kronos is cracking again and this server is going down the shitter, got to say you should all reroll on there
  22. dwarfhunter

    Rofl @ 29 Ally Twinks...

    why you crying or even low level bging if you arent a twink
  23. knew this server was full of weird ass nerds
  24. dwarfhunter

    Cant get On

    Unable to get on are the servers down they say they are up for me
  25. dwarfhunter

    Player Admits Buying Gold...

    Jman420 is either a troll or retarded he doesnt understand the concept. And believes everything he hears online "Guy said he buys gold so he buys gold" he is truly the stereotypical reee ree on these servers