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    This needs to stop

    Next time you feel the urge to embarrass yourself, and bore others please summon up all your courage... and resist.
  2. Hexygon

    Pet name Player name problems

    Petition denied. Lol
  3. Hexygon

    PvP Huntard?

    Scenario: You (BM) are caught by a rogue, and you either weren't standing on a freezing trap, or he resisted it. He cheap shots you. He has every advantage. His fast attack speed means you are permanently poison slowed. Get your pet on him immediately. When cheap shot expires, cast intimidation. You have to wait until he is actually stunned, it has a delay. Watch his debuffs. As soon as he's stunned, (cannot reapply slow) you trinket, strafe, hunter's mark, enrage pet. You're at range now. He is going to spam vanish. You immediately flare, (or pre-flare). You're going to lose target, press your keybind for target last enemy. Pet attack. The whole time you're kiting, while watching your auto shot timer. It all happens really fast and if you make a mistake you're dead. By the time he blinds and gets a kidney on you, he should be dead. This is where a rogue discovers that not all hunters are food. If he cheap shots and you're already standing on a freezing trap. You will humiliate him. Scenario: You just witnessed a same level mage, and warrior gank someone. The mage is 30% mana, both are full health. You open with viper sting on the mage, enrage pet, intimidate and kill the warrior (lupos should destroy him) keep viper on the mage and watch him try to run away when the warrior is dead. Those two classes, by the way, are your food. Train resistances to cc on your pet. Especially frost. Scenario: A hunter 5 levels higher than you attacks. Send pet, intimidation... Get in melee range. If he hasn't used intimidation, Use one raptor strike/wing clip, and feign death. Hopefully he just scatter shot your pet. Don't get up until he has you targeted. Sit on his back and use your melee macro. If he's marks, he dies and you're 50% health. If he's BM, cross your fingers, but you'll probably still kill him; he just shit a brick in his pants because he wasn't expecting you to thump him over the head like that. A full 2/3 of hunters who have tested me, WILL backpedal in this scenario. Scenario: Warlock ganks you. He has a blueberry. He's got a full row of dots on you before you have him targeted, he sacs voidwalker, uses a health stone, and laughs over your corpse when you die and he still has 80% of his health pool. At higher levels, even if you gank him, he's probably going to kill you, even if you miraculously kill him first :D Paladins, all you need to do is stay 20+ yards away and kite him to death. If you can't kill him it probably means you dont have lupos, or he's higher level, or has healing talents and you're going to end up with a stale mate. I've had paladins fight me for 5 minutes and then run away... if they're higher level, or annoying I often let them go at that point. You'll probably end up melee'ing mages, especially frost, and other hunters. If you're ganking, stay out of ranged-range and let your pet fight for you first. If you're close enough to shoot, the enemy is close enough to charge in. (Druids/warriors) Only go in if he fights your pet. For druids, save your stun for when he pops out of bear to heal. Try to viper when he goes caster form. Scare beast when he's bear. Even if he comes out of bear to avoid the fear, you've still achieved something. Priests can be complicated. It is very scenario dependent, but often you'll have to oom them to kill them. Don't be afraid to melee them just like if you were still playing your warrior. Stay behind him, and he can't cast on you. Your melee weapons are NOT stat sticks while leveling. They're weapons that you need to know how to use. Keep the skill up. Get something that can proc damage, or a stun. (staff in ZF for example) edit: Lol didn't realize I wrote a novel. My intention was to give you an idea of what pvp is for a hunter. My qualifications are an extensive career as a hunter in retail classic and TBC. Nowadays I never attack unless provoked, so my experience is mostly against higher level opponents and tag teams. My world pvp record is near perfection. 1 player in 20 has been able to best me levels 30-59. I have never lost against a same level opponent with the exception of warlocks, and one extraordinary rogue against whom, I've learned the lessons posted above.
  4. Hexygon

    Hunter weapons...

    I believe if I rolled on Dal'rends as a hunter and beat a rogue for it, I would become blacklisted. OP has a point.
  5. Hexygon

    Pet name Player name problems

    Lupos is my pvp and pve pet. It's very necessary unless I tame another one.
  6. Hexygon

    Pet name Player name problems

    You devil >:)
  7. Hexygon

    Lupos Taming Guide - (Elysium Only)

    1h 45 minutes later, another hunter tamed it at 65, 24. Sooo.. the timer seems very random ><
  8. Hexygon

    Lupos Taming Guide - (Elysium Only)

    It was tamed at 15,30, then Tamed at 33,25 The timer on Elysium right now is 6 hours, almost exactly.
  9. Hexygon

    Help! My pet is running away

    http://pasteboard.co/LHRAQVPLO.png This is with the default UI. use the smiley face you see there. Yellow (content) is ok, but you should always keep him green (happy) If you never feed your pet he will abandon you in 10 minutes. If you feed your pet to complete happiness, he will be hungry again VERY soon. This will annoy you, but once he starts gaining Loyalty levels he'll demand less food. Loyalty 6 Best friend, your pet won't need food for hours. For a new tame, you gotta watch him constantly, and feed him nearly a whole stack of food before he reaches loyalty 2. Also, when you feed him, don't use him to fight until his feed pet buff expires. Dots on the pet will also cancel the effect. You'll see him gaining happiness in your combat log.
  10. Hexygon

    The greatest race of Hunters

    Guard Slip'kik
  11. Hexygon

    Lupos vs Broken Tooth - BM Hunter data

    Armed with this knowledge, you can now smile when you see someone enrage a black or white or purple tiger, because you know that they tamed an inferior pet, because they want to pat it on the head and tell it how pretty it is.
  12. Hexygon

    Lupos vs Broken Tooth - BM Hunter data

    A few of you are confused on some basic concepts. If a pet attacks faster, it attacks lighter. A slower attack speed, results in higher damage per hit to compensate. Damage per second is the same for all members of the same family, regardless of their attack speed. This is correct ^^ My numbers represent pet damage per second, per mob. Not hits! Broken Tooth hits much faster, but Lupos hits much harder. However, your comment on attack speed does get to the core of my message. Broken Tooth has an advantage from a BM hunter's perspective, because more hits = more crits = more frenzy = more damage. Broken tooth has nearly 100% uptime on Frenzy, Lupos does not. My experiment was meant to determine whether Lupos ignoring armor is better than the extra Frenzy uptime of Broken Tooth. The results say that while acounting for everything, Lupos does 20% more overall damage on a target with 3300 armor. Edit: If you want to see what I'm talking about, go to your pet tab, and mouse over Damage. You'll see attack speed, Damage, and Damage per second. Damage per second is identical on Broken Tooth, and Humar, and Starving Mountain Lion and any other random cat of the same level. The other two numbers change. If you are NOT beastmaster, then frenzy does not apply and Lupos will be even stronger, comparatively speaking.
  13. Please send me a Goblin Transponder. There is no way for me to get the quests "Chief Engineer Scooty" nor "Gnomer-gooooone!" I have tried everything. I went to Orgrimmar, Undercity, looking for the quest that takes you to scooty. I completed Rig Wars, and now the pre-quest is not available in the cities. Scooty will never make me a transponder, which I need to use the transporter to Gnomeregan in Booty Bay. Character: Hexagon Server: Zeth
  14. Lupos averaged 145 dps. Broken Tooth 115. This was a pain in the ass. I feel dumber for having done this. Give me reputation please! Broken Tooth and Lupos level 60. I looked at their dps soloing (pet did all the damage) level 56 beasts with 3300 armor. These mobs did not have any dps debuffs like stuns or slows. I have 5 points in frenzy, 1 point in bestial discipline. After each kill, I let the pets regen to 100% focus. Bite 8 and Claw 8 were used, along with Furious Howl 4. (BT only gets one bite per mob before claw takes over.) Growl was turned off. Zeth server. Lupos is doing shadow damage in this patch. Lupos Broken Tooth 183 103 119 136 113 109 115 124 131 195 117 159 115 113 104 121 174 158 151 165 118 116 114 120 123 110 160 155 122 93 122 130 153 175 111 123 119 116 105 118 2901/20 = 145 2307/20=115
  15. I dropped mining. That's ridiculous.