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  1. flaskesveed

    New Elysium Branch: Community Managers

    Greeting and welcome :)
  2. flaskesveed

    Explanation For 2017/01/17 Downtime

    Thank you for your honesty :) good to hear from you, will be glad to continue playing!
  3. flaskesveed

    WTF is going on?

    I have the same problem, what should i do? All of my gear, everything i had collected mats and so on, is gone.
  4. I seem to be having problems when I try to log in eventhough the servers are online. Anyone else having the same problems? I was suddenly Dc´d a couple og hours ago and havent been able to relog. Please help.
  5. flaskesveed

    Nano's Retirement

    Good luck in the furture!
  6. flaskesveed

    Server down

    I was flying and reached XR, and the suddenly dc´d. Anyone know what is going on??
  7. flaskesveed


    So a goldваууer whispered me and i have auto reply on through WIM. The double standards are thick ppl, they will /w you, but don´t want a /w back telling them to go and jump off a cliff :D this фекал i surreal!
  8. flaskesveed

    I Made a Website for Hunter Pets You Might Find Useful

    Thank you so much for this page!
  9. Yeah i think it is because of the server update.
  10. flaskesveed

    Hunter Macros & Tips [Redux]

    So much what i needed, thanks alot!!
  11. flaskesveed

    Pet Attack Speeds

    Indeed it is, and a good one at that :D