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  1. Gemt

    Anathema Updates 27/09/2017

    The server restarted last night with a small patch to the combat pulsing system. If people still have issues with it, please continue to report it.
  2. Gemt

    Characters deleted?!

    Think you have logged on the wrong account/realm.
  3. General The fish in the lake below the Ironforge Airport have gone extinct due to industrial harvesting. Misc fixes to Horde Field Duty event. Players will now always be able to receive loot in raids. Bosses and creatures that should put the zone in combat now have a pulsing combat aura. Naxxramas Players will now be teleported out of the instance after an instance reset. Loatheb Fix spells sometimes not being successfully cast. 4HM HP of the bosses have been corrected. Patchwerk Will no longer target pets with Hateful Strike. Heigan No longer possible to recover from a wipe in his room. Sapphiron Should no longer chase off in a weird direction for a second or two after landing. Gothik Several fixes regarding when adds can spawn, who Gothik will target and when the gate opens. Adds should now properly despawn after a wipe. If something bugs out, they despawn by themself 7 minutes after exiting combat. Some of his adds have had their stats corrected. Kel'Thuzad Fixed a bug where he would sometimes not regen to 100% HP after a wipe.
  4. Server restart on Anathema today has the following updates: Naxxramas Fixed an UI Error happening on Grobbulus. Heigan will now reset if brought out of his room. Gothik should no longer respawn once he has been defeated. Kel'Thuzad will no longer yell if Bigglesworth is killed after Kel'thuzad has been defeated. It should no longer be possible to be out of range to receive loot after killing a boss. Gothik has had various fixes to address the combat gate not opening in certain situations. Trash between Faerlina and the outer ring will no longer respawn after Maexxna has been defeated. Trash in the outer ring still does. A lonely Stitched Giant at Grobbulus will no longer respawn after Grobbulus has been defeated. A couple of mobs in Noth => Heigan gauntlet will no longer incorrectly respawn after Heigan has been defeated. General Corrected Vargus Battlegear quest availability All 1.8 and 1.9 Silithus quests are available again Twilight Texts and Cultist sets will drop again Silithyst Geysers will no longer be present in the world until the appropriate patch level is reached The cost of Zanza's Potent Potables has been reduced to 1 token from 3 The Eternal Quintessence is now available from Duke Hydraxis for players who are at the appropriate reputation level Mishta, Vargus and Aendel Windspear have had their NR crafting patterns added Enchant 2H Weapon - Agility should be available from Meilosh once more Fishing Pools have returned Majordomo Executus should spawn the Cache of the Firelord again upon being defeated His guards will no longer drop items which are available inside the Cache. In addition, the hotfix on Monday had the following updates: Omarion will now correctly teach Tailors and Leatherworkers, with the required skill and reputation, the frost resistance crafts. Guardians of Icecrown (Kel'Thuzad) received a few bugfixes.
  5. Bosses in Naxxramas will be disabled over the weekend. The PTR will stay open and trash will still be available for testing. Bosses will be re-enabled sometime next week after fixes.
  6. PTR will be open as long as there are bosses or other content that lacks testing. I give no guarantees, as it primarily depends on when guilds are able to test, but it will likely stay up the way it opens tonight for a weeks time, more if the content has not been fully tested yet, less if we have all we need. The server will then stay down until there are new fixes that requires more testing. How long depends on the type of bugs we may uncover.
  7. Naxx should not be made "hard", it should be made exactly as it was. That is exactly as it was with regards to mechanics, dmg, armor and resistance values. Special tuning to Naxx to make it "Blizzlike" in the sense that the same percentage of players who cleared it on retail, clear it here, or tuning it such that the guilds clearing it here struggle as much as people did on retail is not what people play vanilla private servers for, at least none I have met. The repeated statement from most of the people I play with on this server is "I did xyz in Vanilla on retail, but never had the chance to clear naxx, now I want to do it here". They do not expect to feel the content is as challenging as people did in 2006. On the contrary, they expect to be able to clear it. It will still be a challenge, but they know that with the knowledge we now posses it will be "easy" compared to what it was back then. People do not play on private servers to progress raid like they would have, some of us did, in 2006. If what players were seeking here was technically challenging raid content, retail wow is a much better option. Some AQ bosses and trash was slightly up-tuned compared to retail vanilla values. For AQ, and content pre AQ, there is an argument to be had that we play with a 1.12 client, with 1.12 spells , talents and mechanics, and that these changes may have compensated for some of this. However, the differences between patch 1.11 and patch 1.12 would affect the difficulty of Naxx to a much smaller extent. Our server is emulating 1.12 mechanics (for the most part), and it's getting fairly good at it (though there is still a long way to go for perfection). I think it's fair to say that if Naxx was scripted perfectly using the Elysium core, and bosses were using the spells as they are defined the the DBC correctly, a guild running Naxx in 2006 on Blizzards servers would not notice a huge change in difficulty if the server they connected to was suddenly replaced with our server. Sure, there would be differences, but I doubt they would have a much harder or easier time clearing Naxx. Feels to me like a lot of people quit recently due to be burned out of progressing or wiping in AQ. I don't agree with those who say AQ is too overturned. I certainly don't agree with those who say its too under-tuned either. There are bugs that prevent it from being mechanically perfect and there are some things overturned to compensate for other things being undertuned, but all in all the AQ difficulty here is not too far from a Blizzard server imo (though that obviously depends on which of the versions you are thinking of for some of the bosses). Tuning Naxx to have the same difficulty as Naxx had in 2006 should be much more straight forward than it was tuning AQ. We pretty much have the same spells and talents as you did in 2006. We are using the same DBC files. We have better video sources for tuning. More or less everything makes it easier to develop it such that it is mechanically the same as as it was on release in 2006. This is what the vast majority of people I play with expect and want. Sure, there are those like yourself xploit who would rather see <1% of the population (or whatever it is you want) clear the content, but until I'm proven otherwise I feel confident I'm in the majority. If Naxx is released with good scripting such that mechanics work as they should, but boss damage is significantly buffed, or player damage is significantly nerfed (through armor and resistances), I think a worrying amount of raiders will get bored of wiping to content that they expect to clear. I have played in hardcore progressive guilds on retail, raiding 5-7days a week during bursts of progress. I did not come back to vanilla to do the same again in custom, overtuned content. I know what to expect from Naxx (at least the parts of it I did), and I just want to re-experience it in a slightly more relaxed way than I did back in the days. I don't want a bugged craphole where half of the boss abilities are missing or on wrong timers. That would make it easier than it should be. But I don't want a Naxx with working abilities and timers, with the significant additions of more armor/resistance/hp/dmg on bosses either. I think if the bosses are scripted correctly, with the right spells and timers, people will find it to be just the right amount of a challenge.
  8. Bumb Looking for RSham, Hunter and Mages
  9. Gemt

    The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj

    How about you stop whining, get off the forum, download the now open source server, run it, and help finding/fixing bugs in AQ? Do you really need an official elysium person telling you that they will change the war effort numbers when AQ is finished? The ONLY thing that will speed up the war effort is helping with completing AQ. Completing the war effort wont finish AQ.
  10. I dont know anything about Steves playing with the aledged chinese wintraders, but I know steve from premading with him during EU peaktimes for several weeks leading up to the ban. Steves primary playtimes were EU/US peaktimes, not chinese peaktimes, and he was not in risk of reaching the bracket caps. While he sometimes played with the chinese because there were no EU/US premades running at the time, I find it ridiculous to assume he would participate in the chinese premades if he thought there was any wintrading happening. He was one of the few players who actively managed and coordinated EU/US premades, and we never ever even considered wintrading. To then wintrade alone with the chinese during his last week of ranking, while not being at risk of reaching bracket cap, knowing there was an active witch hunt for wintraders happening, is unthinkable.