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  1. Sorry, I didn't realise the tagging function was not meant to be used, I wont do that in the future. An idea on when you will inform us? Server choice starts tomorrow.
  2. Hello Elysium staff, Yes here I am again asking about this, and even tagging a handful of mods as im sure you guys dont all work 24/7 :) And i want the best chance of this being seen, and responded to, by a mod/admin as soon as poss :) I wont do a huge intro where I say how grateful I am to your entire team and the project as a whole. and explain why this is so very important to me, i linked my previous post on this from 9 days ago and it explains it all in more detail.... but i am grateful and appreciative for evrything you do both what i know and dont know. :) BUT ... :p You said in the big original transfer announcement that ''there will be a follow up announcement very soon in regards to name conflicts'' .. so i waited a few weeks...then... 8 days ago I broke and just had to make a post [ https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/47785-name-clashes-upon-server-transfer/ ] as its so very important to me, and I got MOD response saying : ''There will be a follow up announcement very soon and we'll address all naming related issues. That being said, we understand your concerns. Stay tuned!'' for which i was very grateful btw :) So i waited another 8 days.... Then over a week later and only a few days from when we have to start choosing there was still absolutely nothing in regards to information on this. ... so I re-tagged the mod who responded in the same thread. Asking them politely if they could please inform us, regardless of what you have chosen, so that players who are gonna lose a name to a lvl 1 bank alt that hasn't logged on since February, can make an informed decision about what server to go to, as for some players, your decision on how to resolve name conflicts will be the deciding factor.... ...but no response (i know you guys dont work 24/7 hence why i tagged so many on this post). .. and it got trolled, and im worried it may just get lost or buried under all that troll poop. Now just hours away from the launch of the ''choice function'' there is still no word at all on this VERY (for some, i understand you may have much more difficult problems to deal with.. and as i have stated many times i truly appreciate all the work your entire team does, i really do!) VERY important decision . .. at this point its almost more important to know and be able to make a choice, than it is to know exactly what you decided and agree with it, if that makes sense. I have always said that im not trying to influence your decision, and nore could I even if I wanted to, but I just wish you guys would inform us of said decision as soon as you can... seems strange that you would not even have a decision on what you're going to do, even if the work on implementing it isnt finished yet.. you must at least know what direction you're going? Default - unlucky ZK players u lose ur name to an unplayed bank alt or char that hasnt logged on since feb? Custom - name change prompt given to one of the players based on a number of, or singular, factor(s)? Other - <Insert random reason of your choice here> Anything you decide will be, im sure, in the best interests of the servers on a whole, even if that means default ''unlucky ZK u lose to lvl 1 not played for 5 months'' as you decided the dev time required to create a function to choose was so much that it was time better spent on other area's of the project. It is just so VERY important to so many people. PLEASE inform us as soon as you can on whatever you have decided to do about name conflicts on this upcoming transfer! With respect, Nosleep.
  3. @Elysium Staff I am sure you are busy, but this is one of the biggest and only concerns for many many players. I appreciate everything you guys do and am a humble noob who knows nothing about the difficulties of coding or databases etc, but I ask you please.... Please let us know what you are doing regarding this issue as soon as you know! I thank you guys for all you do, its an amazing server.
  4. Nosleep

    Hunter weapons...

    i actually didnt at the time, for some reason i thought the 15 agi was always in game and the 25 agi was timbermaw rep that comes later, but my silly error of memory about enchant timeline is hardly the point... or the one i was making, i was simply saying that dal'rends at this point in the timeline, are some of the best... now on ZK that changed with the release of DM with the barborous blade being much better than dal'rends and imho ... 2x 1h with 1% crit on each, which are obtainable atm and b4, are better once you get to about 1k-1.1k AP self buffed. crit scales better. i was replying to someone who said that they can roll on xbow because of stats.... and i pointed how that dal'rends are very good so with that attitude (one i dont share, i pass on dal'rends even in pugs if someone melee needs it) they better be ready to lose rolls on dal'rends to hunters who need them, and like it. also i think 2x 1h is better, but atm, no 15 agi enchant and no oil yet either, at least on elysium/ZK ... it comes much later patch ... so atm, a 2h like barborous blade > 2x dal'rends
  5. Nosleep

    New Pet Level Catch Up

    These are both true, however, if you do want to lvl a low lvl pet for any reason, its best to farm mobs that are the same lvl as your pet or slightly higher, or if your new pet is really low.. just dont use your pet or dont growl with it, and basically solo anything you can depending on how quickly you can kill them.... this isnt ideal, as if your pet is very low lvl compared to the area you are in, it will constantly agro everything from far away and u get swamped with mobs and your pet will die. I ideally, for speed and efficiency, you want to kill stuff that you could solo with no pet as easy as poss.. squishy casters for example, you want this because you want to have as little down time as poss (drinking/eating) and burning your mana on each mob will be slow and painful... and potentially expensive. Also, what i do, is based on my trade skills, i choose the mobs best suited, im LW.. so anything that i can skin is going to be a small/medium/large gold farm at the same time, this applies to anything you can think of that will drop good greys or cloth or whatever is selling atm on your AH... then, at least its not just a waste of your time as you could make gold or farm mats while your doing it.
  6. Nosleep

    Dark Iron Residue deleted??

    ohhh so i should never of had them to begin with.. lol :) thanks :)
  7. Nosleep

    Dark Iron Residue deleted??

    Hello, im on zeth server, and my dark iron residue has been deleted from my bags?? Did admin delete/remove all dark iron residue?? i was saving them for rep. please help? thanks.
  8. Nosleep

    Mafia's days are over!!

    u got thousands of devilsaur leather.. ok... and how many ppl still need the set? if i bring 300, they will buy mine... then you guys can vendor your 3k devilsaur leathers :D
  9. Nosleep

    Mafia's days are over!!

    bring a few hundred devilsaur skins and flood your market, driving prices down? that will be a nice start... then drink your tears.
  10. Nosleep

    Mafia's days are over!!

    I am saying that they better prey we dont merge.. cos if we do, they are all gonna get ganked, hard!
  11. Nosleep

    How to choose a caster class?

    or you could just roll hunter and actually be a decent class. hunter > all. edit: it depends on what you want to do at 60 .. if you want to raid in a good guild then it looks like the lock/mage ratio favors lock atm.. if u want to farm and pvp, then its very subjective whats best, prob mage but thats debatable though im sure :P
  12. Nosleep

    Mafia's days are over!!

    Mafia group photo.. taken in un'goro a few days ago :P
  13. Nosleep

    Hunter weapons...

    Remember that when hunters roll on dal'rends cos they are some of the best weaps in game atm, 50AP and crit with 15 agi ench.. untill 25 agi on 2H comes out, some would argue they are close to Bis when hit capped, but thats debatable. (i would personally pref 2x assassination blades with 15 agi) i would pass on dal'rends if there was a melle in the group who needed, but thats just me... if you dont work like that, then you have to accept when other ppl take your gear. ''just accept it, thats how it is, rogues get outrolled on dal'rends by hunters... live with it.'' lol
  14. death to gold sellers and buyers!! If you see a bot farming, report it.. but dont stop there... tell your friends.. kill the bot.. then corpse camp it.. then mail the bot a nice message for when they log on to see how much they DIDNT farm hahah ''no soup for you!!'' :P
  15. Hey mafia... there maybe a merge between ZK and elysium... you better farm your devilsaurs now while you can... cos if we merge.. you are all finished!