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  1. Honey

    This needs to stop

    Yah exactly this, the game is just absolutely unplayable, you're wasting your time trying to play the game, this happened once to me on retail where I played on the Horde on a server which had one of the biggest Alliance populations, I took pause from there for 2 years and when I came back where ever I was I got punch in the face and ended up dead, so the GMs proposed I change the realm. Also I've noticed when this kind of thing happens, people lose all respect and "if it's red, it's dead" steps in and just everyone who sees you kills you and people just end up as total pricks and yell about crying and moaning cuz they enjoy killing the losing.
  2. Honey

    This needs to stop

    So your ideal gameplay is running for the mountains beating up boars with fists because every time you enter the real game content you get slaughtered by high level players who act like a punch of pricks? Good luck with that, I'll pass by goodwill and go to the PvE realm.
  3. Honey

    Aux addon save dump

    I mean like if I do a research lets say with the commands where I want items with a marginal profit cut, it searches the AH thoroughly again
  4. Like now I have to work even less, thank you very much!
  5. Ahahahahaa. Brilliant. I love the free market.
  6. Honey

    This needs to stop

    I left Elysium and plan to go Darrowshire, my main goals in game are to get into raiding, I love especially tanking in raids, but this server does not lets say establish that possibility for me, there is just too much Horde, in addition to making questing impossible on high level areas in the addition of major quests. But in addition most of Horde kill you on sight, not just the same level, but the most of high levels as well, who hang around in the leveling zones because they spawn camp fire elementals for Elemental Fire which goes for a high price in AH atm or just kill you for the fun of it, which again I think does not come hand in hand with the ideals of "PvP" is as it is making the game almost impossible to play. Again these individuals think, they are smart and funny but actually are very foolish as I explain later on. The community when compared with my memories of pretbc or even with current retail is very toxic too, people act here very rudely and call each other more or less "retard" 24/7, also most of people are too unintelligent to face the fact that if the faction balance gets disturbed even a bit, it basically means it will slowly descent to the point where there is no other faction and where there is no other faction on PvP realm, it means there is no PvP either, which makes the whole server more or elss completely useless. No world PvP, ques will take days for Horde, no anything, because of the naivety of the community and I have seen this happen in retail, this is why Blizz, did a lot of free character migration and introduced cross-realms as the ultimate problem solver. E: I highly suggest the GM team to give longer mutes / bans and more of them to the players as the current amount is clearly not enough, also camping and blocking people from entering a dungeon with a high lvl character is NOT World PvP, it's just gaining pleasure of making the game impossible for others.
  7. So what is with the Horde now? Every single quest involving fire elementals become practically impossible, since every single fire elemental in game is being spawn camped by lvl 60 Hordes making quests like Cyclonia basically impossible to complete and as you might know Cyclonia as a quest is very imporant for Warriors. I concluded the item is most likely Elemental Fire which has an AH pricetag of 5g, so could you please makes it drop rate so high that it floods the market and people leave the elementals alone for people who try to quest?
  8. How do I make Aux remember it's scans, so I don't have to scan every time I use it. I know KCI does some kind of save, but whenever I search something with Aux it's searches every single auction again
  9. Honey

    Development Update 05.04.2017

    Wicked! Keep it up!
  10. So okay I want to read the world chat, and Looking for group chat and general and trade chats. But at the same time I need to focus on my whispers, guild chat and party chat and the text just scrolls too fast. So I created a new window separately and now I should have two windows where other holds the private chat and the other public. But now the problem is that the new chat window does not show any chat going on in the public channels, tho I've done everything perfectly, clicked all of the channel boxes, the general tab has them unchecked, everything should be as it should, everything else like /s /g /y channels work, but no public channels. So I invented a way a round for it that I renamed General tab as the public tab and I made the public tab the general tab, but the chat channels still do not work outside the general tab.
  11. Honey

    Gold spam and GMs unresponsive

    Thank you, it's not that in game whispers or mail do not really bother me that much. What really does tho is that gold spamming is an increasing trend, a.k.a they breed like bed bugs and on Zeth at worst times I got like on whisper per 3 minutes, it really just makes the game unplayble, and I highly recommend for the devs to invent a permanent solution for it, either your security question a.k.a CAPTCHA isn't working or you they do not have them enough. For example could it be possible to make an in-game CAPTCHA for these folks? A whisper limit could be a good solution as well, I think it's coded in the MoP expansion, I do not have the means to access the MoP files tho in order to fetch it and add it to the open source core.
  12. Honey

    Gold spam and GMs unresponsive

    Been waiting for an answer for a week now, I left Zeth'Kur cause the GMs didn't reply for a month and the gold spam got so bad that I decided to leave the realm. I'm considering an anti-spam addon, if anyone happens to know a one here?
  13. Here's a couple: Gold spam: http://imgur.com/a/ifisv http://imgur.com/a/NVnhZ http://imgur.com/a/ntqmQ http://imgur.com/a/oamEq http://imgur.com/a/qGxLC http://imgur.com/a/qSGiZ http://imgur.com/a/IYojx http://imgur.com/a/gePnL http://i.imgur.com/j3PE7sC.jpg http://i.imgur.com/eCMZHMD.jpg http://i.imgur.com/y8uyq29.jpg Botting: http://i.imgur.com/4iJJ8EB.jpg More spam: http://i.imgur.com/quJjsMS.jpg http://imgur.com/IGUn1Fv http://i.imgur.com/b3YIpRR.png http://imgur.com/a/acLYD Also if I may, I have no idea how to program a ban bot by myself ( tho I could actually try ), but I think gold spam issue could resolved through one, since really 2 - 8 priests all spamming at the exact time the same attack towards one enemy in the starting area, really isn't hard to spot even for a bot. Edit: If any gold spammers here see this, feel free to whisper and mail me